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Wedding Rings For Men UK; What Are The Choices?

Admin -  12/01/2022

Wedding Rings For Men UK: What is Popular?

The choice of mens wedding rings for men UK has improved greatly over the last 10 years or so; traditionally the only option was a plain old yellow gold court ring (Domed inside and outside and still a popular choice I might add!), but since the arrival and acceptance of Titanium as a metal choice for wedding rings for grooms, it's got a whole lot more interesting. My personal choice of ring to wear is a combination of Titanium with Platinum and wood inlays to spice it up a bit, but the options appear limitless now.


Wedding rings are traditionally worn to represent the commitment and unbreakable bond of lifelong love between two people, but it wasn't always the case for men as a lot of the time, they weren't interested in wearing one and preferred to spend the money on their significant other halves rings instead. That's now changed and the swing is towards men relishing the idea of wearing a ring and choosing something they like instead of the boring same old style.


Are you thinking about, or in the process of getting married? Here are a few things to think about regarding your choice of ring.


The History of Wedding Rings and Their Meaning


As touched on previously, the wedding ring is a symbol of two peoples love and their commitment to one another the exchanging of rings during a wedding ceremony is originally a Christian tradition dating back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.


The fourth finger of the left hand was chosen to wear a ring on as it was believed their was a vein that ran through that finger directly to the heart called the vena amoris or 'vein of love', although it isn't unusual to see the ring worn on a finger of the right hand in other countries.


Wedding rings were typically made from precious metals such as Gold in different carats, Platinum and Silver; Silver wasn't a good choice due to it's soft characteristics. Palladium, which is very similar in look to Platinum but lighter, became a popular choice after the second World War, as did 9 carat Gold due to there being a shortage of gold generally.


But wait, there's a new kid on the block! Titanium. Actually, not such a kid any more. Titanium rings appeared in the UK around the 1990's and were a bit of a slow burner to begin with, but have gained massively in popularity as a designer metal and an ideal choice as a wedding ring that symbolises endurance in addition to love and commitment.


Zirconium, both black and natural, and Tungsten are also gaining popularity due to their style options, resilience and durability. 


Styles of wedding rings range from the traditional court shape to the bizarre. Choose plain and simple or spice it up a little by inlaying with other materials and gemstones; Diamonds and Sapphires are popular choices of stone. Titanium rings in particular are well known for their design options with the addition of precious metals, diamonds and even wood inlays to create interest.


Personalisation is a big thing now. Many rings are enhanced with engraved messages, mostly inside but the option to engrave outside is also available. Memorable dates (don't forget your anniversary! :-), fingerprints, custom graphics; the choice is endless with hand engraving and laser engraving opens up a whole new world in regard to detail achievable on a ring.


How Should a Wedding Ring Fit?


This is all down to personal preference. The recent wider introduction of the curved interior of a wedding ring is increasingly popular for good reason; hence the name 'comfort fit'. This was generally only available on the traditional court ring (domed inside and outside) and rings were mostly flat on the inside which tended to make the ring sharper on the corners and dig in to the finger. The 'comfort fit' addresses that issue by being smoother and more rounded to fit the finger nicely.


Some people like the ring to fit tightly on their finger whilst others prefer it looser, as I say, it's all down to personal taste, but the ideal situation is where it's comfortable for you and won't fly off in the breeze!

What Makes Your Wedding Ring Metal Special?


Precious metals for wedding rings are favoured for the value in the metal and the feeling of extra weight, as opposed to the new designer metals which are favoured for their lightness and durability. Whereas the cost of a precious metal ring is determined by the metal and the ease in which it can be worked, designer metals are generally cheaper but hard to work with and need relatively more expensive machinery to produce.

Recommending one metal over another isn't really possible, everyone has their own idea about what style they want to wear as a wedding ring and from which metal; my preference as a Titanium ring manufacturer however is Titanium every time....... hmmmm....or Zirconium? Ooooh! I just spotted some really cool precious metal mixes from Mark Lloyd Jewellery on Odissa as well! That's torn it! :-)

Where to Buy on Odissa?

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Author: Alan Hardwick

Owner of GETi Titanium Rings

Is he Biased Towards Titanium and Zirconium Rings? Yes but with good reason! 

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