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Why Do We Use Platinum for Jewellery?

Admin -  09/12/2021

Platinum is one of the most sought after precious metals for jewellery, but why is it so popular, and what makes it so expensive?



Of all the precious metals used in creating jewellery, Platinum is one of the most desired and expensive. Consequently, Platinum is also one of the most sought-after metals for jewellery crafting and is used in everything from rings to cufflinks and everything in between. It may come as a surprise, but Platinum is not the most expensive precious metal; that title currently goes to Rhodium. Platinum is not as expensive as pure 24-carat gold, but its price frequently does equal or rival that of 18-carat gold; however, a Platinum ring will cost you roughly 40-50% more than a Gold ring of the same make and design. But why is Platinum jewellery so much more expensive than Gold when it's less valuable per gram, and why do we use it for jewellery? 


What Is Platinum, And Why Is It So Expensive? 


Platinum is a precious silver-white, noble metal that is incredibly rare. Platinum is dense, malleable, non-reactive, and highly resistant to erosion. Platinum's high cost is due to its extreme rarity, being on average 30 times more rare than Gold. Platinums high cost also comes from its highly desirable properties: 


  • Density and Durability: Platinum is highly dense, more than 20% denser than White Gold, and 60% for Yellow Gold; this makes it resistant to everyday wear and tear. 


  • Corrosion Resistance: Platinum is one of the least reactive metals, making it highly resistant to corrosion. This resistance, combined with its density and durability, makes it incredibly long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for jewellery. 


  • Develops a Patina: Platinum does not scratch or damage easily; instead, the metal shifts and changes, creating a patina over time. This gives the Platinum an aged and vintage appearance many find desirable. 


Why Is Platinum Less Expensive Than Gold Per Gram, But More Expensive As Jewellery?


If you look up the price of Platinum per gram and compare it to Gold, you will discover that Gold is, by and large, more expensive than Platinum. However, the high cost of Platinum jewellery comes from its high density; it takes far more Platinum to make a single piece of jewellery than Gold, even higher purity Gold like 22 carat. 



Platinum is one of the most sought-after metals for jewellery crafting due to its high density, lustre, beautiful patina, scarcity, and corrosion resistance. Platinum is a beautiful, noble metal that makes for excellent wedding rings, necklaces, and all manner of jewellery. We at Odissa provide top-quality, handcrafted Platinum jewellery made by local UK artisans that you can view here, or if you want to view our entire catalog here. If you would like to sell your jewellery through us, you can contact us here.

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