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Mens Titanium Rings

Browse our stunning collection of mens titanium rings, hand-crafted in UK workshops all made to order and highly peronalisable.

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Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2226CH-CW5


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2226CH-CD10


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2218-MAPLE


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2218-ZIRICOTE


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2218-COCOBOLO


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2218-CHAKTEKOK


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2218-BOCOTE


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2218-AFEB


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2208-ZIRICOTE


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2208-COCOBOLO


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2208-AFRICANEBONY


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2208-CHAKTEKOK


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2208-BOCOTE


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2210-MAPLE


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2208RN-9KW


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2226CH-IR


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2218CHG-1.5MM18R


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2208-WOOD


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2210-WOOD


Vendor: GETi Titanium ID: V20-2218-WOOD

Titanium was first discovered by clergyman William Gregor in 1791 who, basically didn't know what it was until in 1795, Austrian chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth identified it as a new element, gave it the number 22 and named it Titanium after the Greek Gods - The Titans.


It is a naturally occurring element found in the Earths crust and other 'M' class planets and is one of the most abundant elements on the planet. Due to turbulent precious metal prices, mens Titanium rings have become very popular in recent years, especially in the wedding rings market.


The metal is highly reactive and it is possible, under certain conditions, for it to spontaneously combust at high altitudes. Please do not be alarmed though if wearing a titanium ring and travelling on a plane, the chances of you landing on the runway at your destination and resembling a sausage on a barbeque are very remote - besides I think you may feel it warming up anyway!


Alloying Titanium with materials such as Aluminium and Vanadium produce a much higher tensile strength material - For example, Grade 5 or Aircraft Grade. Aircraft Grade is ideal for tension set stone ring designs as it has the necessary tensile strength to hold the stone securely.


Titanium has a very high corrosion resistance, this is due to the ability of the material to, when scratched or machined, form a protective oxidised surface almost instantaneously - unlike gold or aluminium for example, which oxidises (or tarnishes) slowly over a period of time.


Titanium is readily engraved using lasers and rings can be personalised on request.


Mens Titanium rings cannot be resized is a myth!

Commercially pure Titanium is quite ductile but the drawback to resizing some rings, as with precious metal also, are due to the actual design and whether the force required to expand or compress it will damage fine detail beyond economical repair.


Aircraft grade 5 material cannot be stretched or compressed but the inside of a ring can be scraped out to make the ring larger up to 1.5 sizes depending on the wall thickness.

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