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Jewellery Near Me?

posted by admin at 04/04/2020

Handcrafted product sales are on the increase and for good reason. The flood of poor quality Far East products, fuelled by cheap prices and unrealistic claims that don't hold up, has pushed consumers to look for alternatives in the marketplace. The expression 'handmade is best' has rung true for decades, but never more so than now.

So, why is it better buying 'handmade'?


True handmade products are few and far between and the correct term now should be 'handcrafted' as most products use an element of technology or machine manufacturing which, in itself, is also highly skilled, but handcrafted is good for the environment. Less fuel and energy is used to produce and transport the products making it more efficient.


If you're a regular buyer of handcrafted products, give yourself a pat on the back! :-) You're helping to support a local business and create jobs. People tend to value a product more if they know the story behind it and can connect with the maker, artisan products, whether they are jewellery or bread, have a perception of increased value associated with them.



Handcrafted products are generally better quality than mass producted products, the maker tends to put their heart and soul into their creations and regularly goes the extra mile to ensure that it's made to the best of their abilities.


Money generated by local makers tends to benefit other businesses in the area as these business owners are more likey to spend more in their community than a large chain.


Dealing directly with the artisan enables greater flexibiity with regard to customisation of your purchase. Personalisation of products is gaining popularity and your maker is usually only too happy to work to your requirements.


Handcrafted product online marketplaces are popular venues and more people are embracing handcrafted products, these marketplaces allow access to the skills of a global community offering a diverse range that isn't always accessible through large chain stores.


Handmade products are unique; one of the biggest reasons people state for them choosing artisan products is the fact that there are less of them, making them more unique, generally no two items are exactly the same.


As technology advances and makes it possible for machinery to replace the human element involved in the creation of a product, the importance of keeping tradition alive has never been greater.

Ring Sizer Conversion Tool

posted by admin at 02/06/2020

Coming Soon to Odissa!

To help customers determine the correct ring size conversion when ordering rings, The Guild of Jewellery Designers have commissioned a tool to be written that converts from one country size system to another.

This should be available very soon and will be a trusted resource for accurately converting your ring size to that of the system used by your jewellery designer/maker.

**UPDATE** Try out the ring size conversion chart tool here

New Product Price Calculator Tool

posted by admin at 01/15/2020

We're pleased to announce the addition of a brand new product pricing calculator tool which is available to all vendors in your back end admin area only. Click the blue button next to the 'Item Price' field to open the calculator.

The tool is designed to be a quick price calculation tool to confirm that your pricing is correct and that you are actually making some money! :-)

Pricing your products for selling, either wholesale or full retail, is difficult at the best of times. Hopefully this first of a series of new online tools available to Odissa members will help to remedy that situation and provide confidence to be able to price products accordingly.

How to use the tool:


Add up all your materials and services costs; raw metal, stones, castings bought in, engraving costs, etc.


Enter your packaging costs and any postage that you may have incurred for sending the item out and having it returned for any services you may have used, or materials sent to you after being ordered in, for example, engraving and stones again.

Markup (% Optional):

You can optionally enter a markup here. A typical markup would be 50% (especially on metals. You wouldn’t usually buy metal in and sell it for the same price as you bought it once it’s been used on your product. This is a bonus but you can also think of it as an insurance policy to pay for mistakes or jobs that don’t go to plan! Hopefully, over a year you’re still in credit and haven’t had too many things go wrong!:-)

‘Materials Total’ is the sum of the above calculation.

The ‘Labour’ Section:

Time Taken(Hours):

Self explanatory; how long did it take you? 30 minutes? Enter ‘0.5’ 45 minutes? Enter 0.75

Hourly Rate:

How much are you paying yourself/hour? Experience will count for this figure. If you’re a total newbie and things take longer for you than they would do if you were more experienced, then start with a low hourly wage. The least you should work for is minimum wage but as you get more experience and faster, you could maybe be working at around £25/hour (at time of writing in 2020) – only you can decide this.

Markup (% Optional): 

This is optional. For instance, if you have an employee/somebody else has made the item for you and their hourly rate is £25/hr, you would mark up the outwork as it’s no point charging the same amount as you pay out; you won’t make any money. Double up if you can, 100% is a reasonable figure for a labour mark up.

Labour Total:

Self explanatory again; it’s the total labour from the calculation above!


A years worth of accounts can give you an accurate figure here so, if you can calculate the percentage from your previous accounts, enter it using the ‘Custom’ radio button selected. However as a rough guide without this figure, if you’re working from home in your back room or a converted/custom home workshop, chances are your overheads will be ‘Low’; if you rent a small unit, opt for ‘Medium’. Dedicated factory? Opt for ‘High’. Chances are, if you opt for high overheads, you might be able to calculate an accurate figure as you should have done your sums previously!

New Features for Odissa Sellers

posted by admin at 12/19/2019

New Feature Number 1:


Odissa sellers can now create multiple logins and have up to 5 seller assistants for members of their team to help maintain their shop area. Eg, add products, update prices and descriptions etc.


So come on! Rope in your partners, friends and family and get them working for you!


New Feature Number 2:


We now have an enhanced order management tool in the Odissa backend admin area which allows shop owners to manage all their orders whether placed through Odissa or from any sales channel. Eg. Etsy, Not on the High Street, own website etc.

Orders can be entered manually and the display acts as an organiser so you can view at a glance the order details and plan which order needs working on and when it’s due for completion.

Members can create colour coded backgrounds for different status flags, add internal note references and orders change colour when they become due within 3 days to point them out so you can start panicking!


Let us know what you think.

Lost Jewellery Recovery Service - Jewellery Reunited

posted by admin at 11/26/2019

Jewellery Reunited is a service run by The Guild of Jewellery Designers to help reunite lost or stolen jewellery with its rightful owner

The idea of a service to reunite people with their loved jewellery came about following a month of desperately retracing steps and turning our house upside down while frantically searching every room, twice sometimes three, with no luck. Finally resigned to the despair of losing my engagement, eternity and wedding rings ( I hasten to add, not even a year old, as we tied the knot in April).

However while getting ready for a change of hair colour, imagine my elation (well my husbands elation as he didn’t need to purchase them again), at finding all my rings inside a hair dye box (don’t ask). The following morning while lying in bed, dreamily admiring my rings back on my finger, I wondered if I could have them engraved with my phone number to enable them to be returned in the future, should I be unfortunate enough to lose them. (Luckily my husband is a fantastic laser engraver) Pondering if this would be feasible, a eureka moment occurred, why not enable rings to be engraved with a unique number registering them to their owner… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Toni x

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