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How Do You keep Your Rings Clean During the Covid-19 Pandemic?
Admin 13/05/2021
How Do You keep Your Rings Clean During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

It's actually not that hard!


All it takes is a few minutes of your time. The first step is to always take off your rings before washing your hands, which many people already do.

The second step is to use some antibacterial hand gel on the ring after putting it back on (or just before). This will help reduce any bacteria and viruses from spreading onto the surface of the ring.

The last thing you can do for extra protection is wipe down any surfaces that come into contact with a person's hands and fingers - this would include jewellery holders or jewelry boxes.


If I'm Washing Your Hands, Why Do I Have To Take My Rings Off?


While washing your hands in a public washroom, you might have noticed that a sign at the sink says "Wash Your Hands" and it usually includes an illustration of someone with rings on their fingers. If you're wondering why this is important or how...

Guide to Virtual Fairs
Admin 14/11/2020
Guide to Virtual Fairs

The Odissa Handmade Guide to Virtual Fairs


Virtual fairs are looking like the way to go this year, and we're here to show you how to make yours unforgettable.


A virtual fair has enormous potential. So many Odissa elements can be incorporated into your fair presence, and it'll give you the chance to revamp anything that has become set in its way. With no space limitations, worry about buying enough burgers and less cleaning up and packing away stock at the end, you can concentrate on making the elements of your fair enjoyable for all. A virtual fair has no geographical limits so anyone can take part, including far-away friends and relatives.


How does an Odissa Handmade Virtual Fair Work?


Subscribing sellers on Odissa Handmade that are also signed up to a virtual fair are included in a dedicated showcase page given prominent position on the...

Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Rings
Admin 05/10/2020
Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Rings

The Wedding Ring market is changing. Recently Palladium rings, once popular around the time of WWII, made a resurgence as a popular material for a wedding ring and then the price skyrocketed, along with other precious metals.

One material that has remained stable for wedding rings for over 20 years is Titanium, both in the UK and the USA. In fact, this material is now being increasingly used in the creation of jewellery due to its lightness, strength and durability.


The pros and cons of titanium wedding rings. 


What are the advantages of buying titanium wedding rings?


Titanium rings are very scratch resistant, hypoallergenic and lightweight at around a quarter of the weight of gold. Titanium is a high tensile material meaning it will resist deformation and retain it's shape longer than precious metal rings.

The original 'showroom finish' on...

Fingersize Measurement
Admin 18/09/2020
Fingersize Measurement

On the face of it, obtaining a ring finger size should be a fairly simple task. However, with the introduction in recent years of the comfort fit, which is the curved interior of a ring, the process can be plagued with errors.


Ideally, the gauge used to measure a finger should be an exact replica of the ring being purchased, i.e. have either a straight bore or a comfort fit bore and be the same width. There are variations to the comfort fit that can upset the apple cart in as much as the radius of the fit can be quite shallow, heavily domed or anything in between, hence the reason to use a gauge that has the same profile as the ring being bought.


Catering for every instance of profile and width would require an arsenal...

How Much Do You Know About UK Hallmarking Regulations?
Admin 03/08/2020
How Much Do You Know About UK Hallmarking Regulations?


The UK Hallmarking System is the Oldest Form of Consumer Protection


Regardless of where the sale occurs, on or offline, If you are sold an item of jewellery made with and described as gold, silver, platinum or palladium over the minimum weight and it is not hallmarked, then the seller is breaking the law. Only jewellery that carries an officially registered British or international hallmark can be sold in the UK.


Fake products are on the increase and one of the most common areas for the fakers to operate in is jewellery manufacture. However, we do have a system in place to protect the consumer that has been in operation in the UK for over 700 years; hallmarking.


Ask any person in the sreet though if they can identify a genuine hallmark and many will struggle, often confusing a simple '18K' or '925' stamp as an official mark...

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