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Can a Titanium Ring Be Cut Off?

posted by admin at 08/14/2018

There are a lot of myths and legends concerning this topic so I will try to put the record straight.

Titanium is a material that is not particularly hard but is very strong and has a high tensile strength. Many people are unsure as to the difference between hardness and tensile strength and often get them confused. Let us consider diamond, the hardest material currently known to man.

If you had a rod of diamond that was 25mm in diameter and 1 metre long, you wouldn’t easily scratch it or mark it but if you try to bend it over your knee, you would probably find that it would snap like a carrot. Titanium on the other hand is relatively soft in as much as it can be easily cut and marked, but has a high tensile strength which means that if you put it over your knee and had the strength to bend it, it would bend without breaking.

Tensile strength, in a nutshell, is resistance of a material to pulling force before it shears or pulls apart. Paper has low tensile strength, cake has very low tensile strength and Titanium and Titanium alloys have high tensile strength.

On a side note, an alloy, for those of you that don’t know, is a combination of different materials. For example Aircraft grade Titanium (Grade 5 or Ti/6Al/4V) is an alloy of 90% Titanium, 6% Aluminium and 4% Vanadium and has higher tensile strength than Grade 2 CP Titanium which is not an alloy but the element in its pure form.

Getting back to the original question, ‘Titanium Ring Removal – Can Titanium rings be removed in an emergency?’.

The simple answer is ‘yes they can’ and the process is exactly the same as for precious metal ring removal utilising the same tools.

Quite probably the main consideration when cutting off a Titanium ring is that the blade is brand new or very little used and preferably Tungsten Carbide.

A dull blade will struggle to cut the ring and will heat up the ring quite quickly. Lubrication is quite important too.

Five Reasons To Wear Unique Wooden Rings

posted by admin at 07/31/2018

Have you heard of wooden rings yet?

You probably have, even though they’re not usually what you get from your usual high street shops.

Wooden rings are fantastic accessory pieces, and they provide many advantages to the wearer.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying one:

They look amazing

Wooden rings are definitely attractive, and they’re especially perfect for people who love creativity and ingenuity. Also, if what you’re looking for is an accessory that is able to provide a break from the boring and monotonous norm that we get with fashion ensembles, then wooden rings are undoubtedly for you.

They make wonderful accessories

As far as accessories go, wooden rings are nothing short of fantastic. With them, you are able to add a suitable and welcome twist to your style, and they serve as beautiful complements to the rest of your ensemble (the perfect role that an accessory is ideally supposed to play). If you’re looking to breathe new life into your fashion sense, then this is what you need.

They are great for simple ensembles

It goes without saying that there are some people who prefer to dress simply and not make too much of an impression. People like this will definitely love the twist that wooden rings provide, as they are mostly made with dark colours. For those days when you feel like keeping the tone and statement of your dressing on a low key, you can always count on a wooden ring to provide sufficient assistance.

They are also long lasting

Wooden rings are generally made of solid wood or a combination of wood and metal (either precious or non- precious) and a lot of the materials that are used in manufacturing them are natural and sustainable. This means that, unlike what you get with usual jewellery, these rings are long lasting and won’t lose any aspects of their aesthetic appeal. Maintenance for this type of jewellery is usually kept to a minimum and that definitely makes them perfect for people who don’t have time to worry about keeping and looking after jewellery.

They go with just about anything

Versatility is one of the major advantages that you stand to gain from wearing wooden rings. Whether you’re going for a little picnic with your friends, a quiet night out with your other half, or a completely formal function at work you can always pick out a wooden ring and rock it to your desired occasion. They’re perfect for whatever setting or event you’re going for.



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