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New Odissa Designer - LuHarrie

posted by admin at 10/17/2018

luharrie jewellery on odissa

The designer

My name is Tracy and I'm based just outside Glasgow. I work from my small studio and hand craft all my pieces. I work with a range of precious metals: Sterling & Argentium Silver and Gold. I love adding texture to my pieces using a variety of techniques, with stunning results, and the addition of beautiful gemstones never hurts! My design process is creative in that a lot of my pieces evolve as I'm making them! Have a look at the image gallery for some of my recent work.

Details matter

It's not just about the piece of jewellery! The excitement of opening your new piece is just as important so you will receive your new piece of jewellery beautifully boxed and wrapped. All my pieces are tested for quality and hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office. I source materials and gemstones from ethical suppliers and ensure any diamonds I purchase are from suppliers who follow the Kimberley process in ensuring they are conflict free.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is extremely important to me so you will receive lots of communication from me throughout the order process! I'm more than happy if you want to input to a piece - if you see something you like but would like a 'tweak' then get in touch. Have a look at the Bespoke Jewellery page if you want to be involved in designing something entirely unique.



Visit LuHarrie's shop on Odissa here

Is Your Old Jewellery Worth More Than You Think?

posted by admin at 08/02/2018

A diamond ring bought for £10, 30 years ago at a car boot sale at West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth, London has been sold at auction by Sotheby’s for £656,750!

The owner wore the ring regularly on an almost daily basis over the years but was unaware that the stone was in fact a 26 carat diamond, believing instead that it was just a bit of costume jewellery because the mount was in a poor condition.

It’s true value was identified after the owner took it to Sotheby’s and they valued it at £350,000.

Nice little windfall!

Interesting Facts About Handmade Jewellery

posted by admin at 08/01/2018

Looking to buy handmade jewellery?

Well, here are a few reasons why you’re thinking in the right direction:

You’re Supporting Real People

When you buy a necklace from a large company, knowing where your money is going can be especially hard, however, when you invest in handcrafted jewellery, you’re connecting with a real artist. Regardless of whether you know the artist in person or you just have a feeling that you know them after learning their story, you know that you’re doing your part to help them.

You Become Part of a Story with Each Piece Bought

Every time you put on a piece of handmade jewellery, you’re becoming a part of the artisan’s story which is being told trough his work. That piece of jewellery sends a message, and you can feel a connection between yourself and the sender of that message.

These Pieces Don’t Involve Mass Production Machinery

Just as the definition goes, handmade jewellery is largely made by hand. The pieces that make up an item of jewellery are sawed, carved, soldered, and made to shape using hand tools or machinery operated by hand as opposed to automated machinery without the intervention of an operator.

So what makes it better?

Attention to detail.

The ingenuity and beauty of something made naturally is a feeling that no automated machine, no matter how technologically advanced, can replicate.

The Value of Time

As stated earlier, handmade jewellery usually take longer to complete. Designers often spend hours crafting a design, but you can feel that they put their heart and soul into every piece that’s made. Quality takes time, doesn’t it?

The Manufacturing Process

Every designer has a special relationship with each piece that is created. The design process is very important and also a huge part of the inherent value of each piece. A designer knows every curve and line and makes every step with a clear intention.


Whilst it is possible for machines to keep making a piece even after the original designer is dead, things are different with handmade jewellery. Makers and artisans are only able to create a limited number of pieces throughout their careers (and lives). When you own a piece of handmade jewellery, you own something that is of a finite amount and that provides a feeling of exclusivity.


In many cases, the materials that are used in making handmade jewellery are of higher quality. Mass produced jewellery often contains cheaper materials with the sole intention to make the piece cheaper and improve profit margins, for example gemstone quality.


Jewellery makers often work with sustainability in mind. Being ethical might be more costly than just taking a sort cut to success, but it certainly pays off with originality at the very end.

Quality You Can Trust

Due to the ability to track and control the entire manufacturing process, smaller-scale production usually comes with much higher quality.

Locally Made with Love

From a sustainability standpoint there is huge value in supporting a local endeavor. Artisans create their works with a lot of love, and you’re helping to spread that feeling.

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