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Focus on...Lauren Grace

posted by admin at 11/08/2018

Fascinated from a young age with all things that sparkled and glittered, Lauren was always destined to become a jeweller.  She initially discovered metalwork at school, then went on to study at University for the Creative Arts in Rochester, graduating with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing and also winning a Goldsmiths’ Company precious metals bursary for her designs.

Inspired by childhood memories, architectural detail and decorative pattern, Lauren uses traditional jewellery and goldsmithing skills to create pieces that are playful and unique, but also elegant and stylish.  Each piece of jewellery is hand made and beautifully finished by Lauren in her London studio, so you can be assured of receiving an original and high quality piece of jewellery.

Lauren uses eco-friendly and recycled silver and gold wherever possible, and gemstones from reputable, ethical sources, so you can be certain your jewellery is conflict-free.

If you would like to find out more about Lauren’s work, keep up to date on news and events, and take a look at work in progress, you can do so here on her blog.




Under the UK Hallmarking Act 1973, all articles of precious metals above a certain weight sold on the UK must be tested by the Assay Office and hallmarked.

Lauren Grace Jewellery is registered with the London Assay Office and you can see her personal hallmarks below.


All jewellery will be tested (assayed) and then marked to an internationally recognised standard of fineness, shown in parts per thousand, such as 925 (Sterling Silver) or 375 (9ct Gold). The only exceptions are items which are light and fall under the exemption weight.

Sparkle With These Beautifully Designed Pendants

posted by admin at 07/31/2018
We all love jewellery; it can beautiful, classy, and go with just about anything, ranging from trainers to formal wear. However, getting a simple pendant to top off your jewellery collection and make you look stunning is another story entirely.

Regardless, make sure to keep an eye out for any of the following pendants when next you’re on an online shopping spree:


St. Bodan’s Cross Pendant by Faller The Jeweller

This pendant imitates the 10th century cross which measures 4 metres in height and is located near Culdaff. The pendant was carved in a very unique manner, with the amalgamation of Christian Celtic tradition and Hybrid art. With beautiful and inspiring carvings, this pendant is detailed and extremely thoroughly made.


The cross is covered totally in abstract ornament, although there are also three figurative panels. It has a figurative panel in the centre which contains two figures that are sitting alongside each other (reports have suggested that they are St. Paul and St. Anthony). The pendant is an lovely gift item, especially for friends or acquaintances of the Catholic faith.







The Halo Heart Necklace – TammyByTammy

The Halo Heart pendant depicts an innocent heart that shows love, promise, and the scars that come from heartbreak. It is artistic and highly reflective and it goes without saying that anyone who has a keen eye for detail will definitely appreciate this. It measures approximately 2.5cm by 3cm, with an optional chain size.







The Dotty Heart Pendant By Anne Reeves Jewellery

The Dotty Heart Pendant provides a feeling of love and romance, without necessarily evoking a sentimental side. It is made from the highest quality silver, with polished “polka dots” and an oxidized background. The pendant is beautiful and classy, and you’ll definitely turn heads wherever you go while wearing this. It measures about 3 centimetres in length and it is also resented in a gift box (with an accompanying designer’s card)







The Big Water Lily Pendant by Lilia Nash Jewellery

This charming pendant is hand-formed in Sterling silver and has a signature hand-textured finish to create the detailed veining of a leaf. A lustrous high quality 10mm white button freshwater pearl is set near the edge of the leaf. This pendant necklace would make a stunning bridal/bridesmaids necklace or just for everyday casual wear.

The size of the pendant is approximately 20mm wide. The pendant may be purchased separately or with a 16″” solid Sterling silver snake chain.







About The Author

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. 

She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.



A broken heart shouldn't last forever!

posted by admin at 07/30/2018

This heart represents optimism and hope, and that it is possible to find new love and repair a broken heart – No pain lasts forever?! 

The perfect gift for that special someone who has saved you from a broken heart, or indeed been saved from that same fate! 

Every single one is handmade, polished on one half; hammer textured on the other; laced up with 9ct Rose gold stitches. 

Each one is unique and comes with a chain…pick your preferred length.

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