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Be Aware When Christmas Shopping Online….
Admin 22/11/2018
Be Aware When Christmas Shopping Online….

....and all year round really!

Time, bad weather, battling through the crowds; all things to consider when shopping for Christmas presents. The option to shop online is becoming ever more popular as the advantage of clicking and waiting for a delivery becomes more apparent.

Rushing to get those last minute presents at the right price can sometimes cloud your judgment. It's easy to forget that some online marketplaces and websites can be a source of inferior products, counterfeit or non existent goods. 

A web address with .co.uk may also be misleading and not what it seems, making it difficult to tell where the goods are actually coming from. There is a risk of delays in getting the item in time for Christmas, if at all, should the website be selling non existent or fake goods. Check what you're buying, make sure it's genuine and check the small print terms and conditions in regards to returns, and be aware of costs to yourself returning unwanted goods as international sellers may not be as forgiving about taking goods back, making it harder to sort out problems.

Be careful when buying gifts online this Christmas. Designers and products on Odissa are vetted by The Guild of Jewellery Designers so you can be assured that you are buying from a reputable maker and all products are handcrafted in the UK. Also, look out for the Trusted Designer/Maker mark designed to provide extra protection for jewellery shoppers from fraudulent traders.




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