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Demi-Fine Jewellery? WTF?
Admin 01/05/2019
Demi-Fine Jewellery? WTF?

What is 'Demi-Fine Jewellery?

Yet another made up buzz phrase but, what the heck, let's run with it as this is what jewellery on Odissa is all about! :-)

Demi-Fine jewellery is the mid point between costume jewellery and fine jewellery. It takes elements from both and allows more affordable price points to the upper end fine jewellery level by using lower priced materials such as plated Silver, lower carats of gold, Platinum and Palladium, mixing different metals, precious and non precious, Sapphires, lab created diamonds etc., and is a market growing year on year. An alternative way to create the look of fine jewellery and also bring it into the category of demi-fine is by not compromising on the higher carat of the metals, but to make the item smaller and lighter weight.

Price points for DF Jewellery, appear to be around the £300 - £400 mark and the consumer often sources brands and niche designers through marketplaces and social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. The choice appears almost limitless for jewellery pieces in a whole assortment of materials and possibilities; bespoke, handmade items give the uniqueness and personalisation that the buyer demands at a price they can afford.

Demi-fine jewellery is far from a temporary trend and will become the norm as a way for men and women to enhance their everyday look with affordable jewellery both in precious metals and mixed media.

Combining modern, contemporary styles with advances in technology and innovative, imaginative designer/makers, makes demi-fine jewellery affordable yet visually appealing.


Author: Alan Hardwick.

CEO for The Guild of Jewellery Designers and owner of GETi Titanium Rings


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