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Lost Jewellery Recovery Service - Jewellery Reunited
Admin 26/11/2019
Lost Jewellery Recovery Service - Jewellery Reunited

Jewellery Reunited is a service run by The Guild of Jewellery Designers to help reunite lost or stolen jewellery with its rightful owner

The idea of a service to reunite people with their loved jewellery came about following a month of desperately retracing steps and turning our house upside down while frantically searching every room, twice sometimes three, with no luck. Finally resigned to the despair of losing my engagement, eternity and wedding rings ( I hasten to add, not even a year old, as we tied the knot in April).

However while getting ready for a change of hair colour, imagine my elation (well my husbands elation as he didn’t need to purchase them again), at finding all my rings inside a hair dye box (don’t ask). The following morning while lying in bed, dreamily admiring my rings back on my finger, I wondered if I could have them engraved with my phone number to enable them to be returned in the future, should I be unfortunate enough to lose them. (Luckily my husband is a fantastic laser engraver) Pondering if this would be feasible, a eureka moment occurred, why not enable rings to be engraved with a unique number registering them to their owner… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Toni x

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