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Jewellery Near Me?
Admin 04/04/2020
Jewellery Near Me?

Handcrafted product sales are on the increase and for good reason. The flood of poor quality Far East products, fuelled by cheap prices and unrealistic claims that don't hold up, has pushed consumers to look for alternatives in the marketplace. The expression 'handmade is best' has rung true for decades, but never more so than now.

So, why is it better buying 'handmade'?


True handmade products are few and far between and the correct term now should be 'handcrafted' as most products use an element of technology or machine manufacturing which, in itself, is also highly skilled, but handcrafted is good for the environment. Less fuel and energy is used to produce and transport the products making it more efficient.


If you're a regular buyer of handcrafted products, give yourself a pat on the back! :-) You're helping to support a local business and create jobs. People tend to value a product more if they know the story behind it and can connect with the maker, artisan products, whether they are jewellery or bread, have a perception of increased value associated with them.



Handcrafted products are generally better quality than mass producted products, the maker tends to put their heart and soul into their creations and regularly goes the extra mile to ensure that it's made to the best of their abilities.


Money generated by local makers tends to benefit other businesses in the area as these business owners are more likey to spend more in their community than a large chain.


Dealing directly with the artisan enables greater flexibiity with regard to customisation of your purchase. Personalisation of products is gaining popularity and your maker is usually only too happy to work to your requirements.


Handcrafted product online marketplaces are popular venues and more people are embracing handcrafted products, these marketplaces allow access to the skills of a global community offering a diverse range that isn't always accessible through large chain stores.


Handmade products are unique; one of the biggest reasons people state for them choosing artisan products is the fact that there are less of them, making them more unique, generally no two items are exactly the same.


As technology advances and makes it possible for machinery to replace the human element involved in the creation of a product, the importance of keeping tradition alive has never been greater.

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