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How Do You keep Your Rings Clean During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Admin -  13/05/2021

It's actually not that hard!


All it takes is a few minutes of your time. The first step is to always take off your rings before washing your hands, which many people already do.

The second step is to use some antibacterial hand gel on the ring after putting it back on (or just before). This will help reduce any bacteria and viruses from spreading onto the surface of the ring.

The last thing you can do for extra protection is wipe down any surfaces that come into contact with a person's hands and fingers - this would include jewellery holders or jewelry boxes.


If I'm Washing Your Hands, Why Do I Have To Take My Rings Off?


While washing your hands in a public washroom, you might have noticed that a sign at the sink says "Wash Your Hands" and it usually includes an illustration of someone with rings on their fingers. If you're wondering why this is important or how to best wash your hands while wearing rings, then read on!


Soap and water can cause corrosion in metal which isn't good for the ring itself. And if you do leave your rings on whilst washing your hands, will this cause them any harm?

Soap residue may accumulate inside the band causing discoloration over time especially with unplated Sterling Silver rings.


Jewellery Care Tips for Precious Metal and Stone Rings


Before you wash your hands with a ring left on or wash your ring yourself, first check that all the gemstones are securely in place and nothing is moving. You should also be careful not to catch any metal while washing - if anything isn’t quite right then take off your jewelry immediately before it falls apart (or becomes irreparably damaged).

Every woman knows that a clean wedding ring is essential for daily wear. Jewellery Care Tips for Precious Metal and Stone Rings will provide you with advice on how to keep your precious metal and stone rings clean, lustrous and unscratched. The first rule of thumb is not to wear your jewellery while cleaning the house or gardening as it can get scratched or damaged by household cleaners such as bleach, ammonia or detergents containing these chemicals.


Jewellery care is a vital consideration for any jewellery owner, especially if you wear a lot of precious metal and stone rings. It's important to clean your rings every day to keep them looking shiny and new. The advice here in this article only applies to jewellery made from precious metal (sterling silver, gold, platinum, palladium) and with precious or semi-precious stones. This advice also only applies to rings with hard stones like diamond, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, tourmaline, garnet amethyst peridot topaz citrine. If your ring contains a sensitive stone like an emerald opal or tanzanite or an organic gem like pearl amber coral do not follow this advice.


Wearing a ring can be an important part of your identity. Whether it is the signet ring that you wear every day or the wedding band that reminds you of your love for each other, rings are often cherished by their wearers and treated with respect. That being said, they also need to be cared for properly in order to keep them as clean as possible so that their beauty lasts! This article will give some tips on how to care for different types of rings so that they stay clean and beautiful no matter what life throws at them.


If you have sensitive skin, it might be a good idea to swap from liquid soap. Liquid soaps can trap bacteria and cause rashes that may not go away. Without your rings on, this process will happen much more quickly for the average person with sensitivities or allergies related to hand washing! If you're interested in making these changes but want some concrete advice first--here's what we recommend; make sure when you wash up after touching raw meat (or anything else) just rinse off any residual protein immediately before really cleaning your hands. Use bar soap instead of liquids since there is less contact time.


If your ring has become dirty over time, soak it in warm water and dish soap for half an hour or more. Fill up a glass with the water to let it soak at its own pace - you don't want too much pressure on that precious gemstone! If using a sink, make sure you plug the drain so nothing falls down there when things get slippery from soap residue.


Use a very, very soft brush. We favour a sable paint brush or a soft cosmetics brush, but you can use an old mascara brush or even a super-soft baby’s toothbrush. Don’t use an adult toothbrush as the bristles are much too hard and abrasive and can cause damage.  There is an old wives’ tale that you should use toothpaste to clean your diamond rings – please don’t, this is just as abrasive and will cause harm to your jewellery!


Once you have had a chance to soak your metal ring in soapy water and scrub it down with an old toothbrush, take the opportunity now to dry out any excess moisture. Though you might not be able to get all of the gunk off right away, dabbing at it will remove much of what is left on there like dirt or grime that has been embedded for days. Remember: Take care when doing this as too much pressure could lead to scratches!


With a lint-free cloth, rub the polish all over your ring to make it shiny and new. If you don't have any polishing cloths then something like glasses cleaning wipes will do just fine! Make sure that whatever surface is being used is completely clean and free of dirt or debris as these can scratch up jewelry.


For an easier method of regularly removing soap scum from jewellery, you could invest in an ultrasonic cleaning tank; used with a small amount of liquid soap and hot water, these will make light work of shaking out soapy deposits and hardened creams. (Check which stones are suitable for an ultrasonic cleaner first though as some aren't; for example. Emeralds are often imprgnated with oils and an ultra sonic can remove them.)



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