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Wedding Ring Buying Guide
Wedding Ring Buying Guide


After picking their engagement ring, many brides overlook the design of their actual wedding ring. No stress! We can help you choose the perfect ring.

Wedding Ring Buying Guide


With all the excitement to select your perfect engagement ring, too many brides-to-be overlook the design of their actual wedding rings, which all too often results in confusion, guesswork, and rushed purchases. What’s the difference between these two traditional, similar rings? This wedding ring guide will walk you through the process, and showcase some of the choice artisan jewellery that you can find online. Though it may not be as traditional as shopping for a ring in person, online browsing opens you up to a world of possibilities, helping you select just the right ring for your personal style, all from the comfort of your own home.


Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings… What’s the Big Deal?

Do you know the difference between your engagement and your wedding ring? The former is most often worn by a woman after the initial wedding proposal. It tends to feature larger, flashier jewels than the actual wedding ring, and many women choose to bring theirs out only on special occasions.


Wedding rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremony. They are usually worn by both partners in a marriage and are simpler in design, allowing the ring to hold up through the general strain of day-to-day life without damaging any precious, expensive gems. After the actual wedding ceremony, a bride will often wear both rings on the same finger, with the wedding ring closer to her heart (though she may choose to wear her rings on different fingers; it’s up to personal preference)!


Wearing the two rings together on one finger is known as “stacking” the rings, and many couples opt to purchase “bridal sets” while shopping for engagement rings. Purchasing a bridal set is a great idea if you would prefer your rings fit well together and visibly match.


Shopping Tips

  • Know your ring size upfront. You can visit local jewellery stores and try on a few rings, which will help you get a three-dimensional image of many ring styles before you shop online. A professional jeweller can measure your hand in-store, too


  • Find a reputable jeweller online, and seek out places where you can connect with artisans directly (instead of a third party)


  • Make a date out of your shopping experience. If you’re shopping in person, enjoy a nice lunch or dinner with your partner. If you’re browsing online, block out an evening to snuggle up and talk while considering your options. Take time for one another and listen to your partner’s thoughts in addition to your own… You’re in this together, after all!


  • Planning to supply your own diamond? Have it set by the same jeweller you bought it from.


  • Get advice from friends, relatives, and don’t forget previous customers of the jeweller you’re considering. What ring styles did your friends pick and do they still like their choice? What are their experiences with keeping their rings clean and safe?


  • Struggling to make a final decision? Narrow your options down as much as you can, then allow your partner to choose the end result. While we encourage you to find the ring that you like best, as you are the one who will be wearing it, there’s nothing wrong with a little surprise if you can’t make up your mind! Imagine which ring your partner might pick. Would you feel excited, or disappointed in your options? Even imagining the surprise may help you decide which ring is right for you



Communicate with your partner and plan a budget upfront. Not only is budget discussing a great habit to get into when preparing for married life, but it’s much easier to commit to a max price point when you have a partner shopping alongside you.


Diamonds are priced by the full carat, meaning that a 1.9 carat diamond will cost significantly less than a 2.1 carat diamond, even if there may not be as much difference between 1.9 carats and 2.1 carats. By opting for a diamond just under the next carat size, you can save a surprising amount of money without sacrificing much visual size of your favourite ring!


Today’s Hot Styles

There’s no law that says both partners need to choose matching wedding rings, so be sure to take the time to pick rings that you each like for yourselves. Here’s a list of popular styles trending today:


  • Engravings - Add some personalisation to your ring unique to you and your partner

  • Texture - Make your ring stand out as unique while disguising future scratches

  • Metal Type - Rose gold and Platinum are currently in favour… If you love these bright colors, you’re in luck!

  • Dark Colors - Damascus Steel, Titanium, and Zirconium are stunning, elegant options for those who would prefer a darker colour on their hand


Payment Plans

Wedding rings are an expensive commitment. They are often intended to be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that you’ll carry on your hand for decades, so you should always be encouraged to splurge on a ring you like, as long as you are comfortable with the budget you’ve set for yourself. If the perfect ring is just barely out of your reach, consider a small loan or payment plan. Be cautious with your spending and honest with your abilities. It’s always a good idea not to start off a marriage with a debt hanging over your head.


Jewellery insurance is often overlooked, but is another important aspect of the ring shopping process that should be considered in advance. A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t be comfortable buying your ring again for the same price, choosing insurance is a great idea. Wedding ring insurance will frequently run you only 1/100th the price of the ring itself, making it an affordable and worthwhile investment. After all the time you spent picking out your perfect ring, we encourage you to take the time to find insurance coverage that is just right for you. Another option worth considering is to have your ring engraved with a trackable serial number in the event that it is lost or stolen and subsequently found. Jewellery Reunited is a service run by The Guild of Jewellery Designers that offers this for extra peace of mind.


With all the wedding ring styles in the world, you’re sure to find one (or more) that not only looks lovely, but fits perfectly too. Whether it’s a flashy, traditional piece with a large diamond, a modern ring showcasing a pearl, or a piece of elegant artisan jewellery, at the end of the day, your ring is for you. Take your time… Pick one you know you’ll love for decades!

If you want to browse our selection of top quality jewellry you can browse our catalog here!

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