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Silver Artisans Jewellery UK - Your Perfect Piece Awaits
Silver Artisans Jewellery UK - Your Perfect Piece Awaits

Silver Artisans Jewellery UK

The perfect piece can tie any look together. With nordic jewellery booming in popularity, there’s no better time to find the perfect match for you.

The earliest pieces of jewellery were crafted from simple items easily pulled from nature, including bits of leather, pretty pebbles, fish bones, feathers, grass, and shells. Historically, jewellery was thought to protect the wearer from bad luck and illness. As centuries passed and man learned to cut gems and forge metals, jewellery came to be known as a sign of wealth, power, and status… not to mention beauty.


In modern times, artisan jewellery featuring nordic and Celtic designs is growing in popularity each passing day. Silver Artisans Jewellery, located in the UK, offers many of the most stunning handcrafted jewellery pieces that will draw the eye at any social occasion, from an elegant dinner party featuring crystals and wine to a PTA meeting for the modern housewife. Whether you’re interested in elaborate designs or simple smooth stones, one thing’s for sure: you’re sure to find the piece that’s right for you on Odissa. While there are many options to choose from, here are a few popular items to kick off ideas for your next great look!


Celtic Jewellery

You don’t need to be Celtic yourself to enjoy beautiful Celtic jewellery. Bracelets have long been used not only for decoration, but to promote groundedness with reality and balance in nature. The right bracelets can add zing to your style without being over the top, and this Celtic Knot Bracelet is no exception. The pattern displayed in this particular piece represents eternity, protection, and faith. The intricate design is perfect for running your thumb over when you just need to give your mind a break from the world, and the precious stone embedded each one adds a secret sparkle to any ensemble.




The heart is a timeless shape in artisan jewellery for a reason. The heart commonly symbolizes friendship, strength, and positivity: exactly the encouragement you need to get through a dragging work day. Plus, the classic design pairs well with anything. A beautiful luxury piece such as the Queen of Hearts in Silver Pendant or the Coral Pink Opal Heart Earrings can add a subtle, cheery accent to an otherwise simple outfit.


Alba Silver

A jewellery piece with a colorful stone can pull even the simplest outfit together. Adding a pop of colour at your neckline can make you appear professional, organised, and well put together, the perfect final touch before a job interview or presentation!


The shape of this eye-catching, hand-enameled Alba silver brooch was inspired by carvings on the Clach a' Charridh (more popularly called the Shandwick Stone): a historical landmark in Easter Ross, Scotland. The elegant, swirling design suggests motion, progress, and rebirth, making it the perfect fresh start to your month or week. Spiral patterns are said to ground one with nature and the ever-changing seasons as well as encouraging enlightenment and an awareness of the cosmos.


Your perfect signature piece is just a few clicks away! Treat yourself today at Odissa and find thousands of pendants, rings, brooches, bracelets, earrings, and more for you and your loved ones.


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