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Why it's important to have your jewellery insured.



Jewellery is one of the most sentimental possessions that you will buy or be gifted in your lifetime, be it a wedding ring, memorial piece or for any other significant event in your life and a good jewellery insurance policy will cover you against loss, damage or theft.

Millions of £'s worth of jewellery is stolen in burglaries or lost each year and, in many of these cases, the owners discover that they are under insured on their household contents policy or have no insurance at all, so specialist insurance for protecting your valuables is ideal in this situation.

As with a lot insurance, jewellery insurance is probably something that can easily be regarded as a waste of money but, should the worst happen, it's one that you'll be glad you've got!


An insurance policy obviously can't replace the history built up in the lost piece over time, but it goes a long way to being able to replace and recreate the exact same thing, especially if your item was hand crafted to order so you can enjoy peace of mind wearing or storing your jewellery, safe in the knowledge that it's protected.

As mentioned, household insurance policies offer protection for your jewellery but, in many cases the cover is insufficient to cover losses for items of higher value. It may even be that your household policy doesn't cover the item if it wasn't locked in a safe when not being worn or that it was lost whilst being worn (please check your policy if relying on household insurance!).

Specialist jewellery insurance providers offer comprehensive cover at a surprisingly affordable cost and one such provider is T H March, arguably one of the largest and well known providers.

Choose a provider that doesn't insist on who makes or replaces your lost jewellery from a list of jewellers or makers that they recommend, but allows you to choose. It may be that your piece was made by a certain designer/maker and you want that maker to replace it. A good insurer will allow that.

Another option available that isn't specifically insurance but can help you recover valuable items, is a service created by The Guild of Jewellery Designers called Jewellery Reunited.




Register your unique jewellery serial numbers to cover the items that you want to protect. 

Ask your designer maker to arrange serial number engraving when making your piece or, when it arrives send your jewellery off to the engraver of your choice to have the serial number applied to your item.

In the event your item is lost or stolen and subsequently found or recovered, the finder can input your serial number in to our system in order for an email to be sent to you notifying you of the find and to arrange collection or delivery.


A nominal yearly subscription is required in order to receive recovery email notifications but one serial number can be used for a number of items.


More details about Jewellery Reunited can be found here >>






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