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Why Wear Gold Plated Jewellery?
Why Wear Gold Plated Jewellery?

Gold plated jewellery brings the luster and beauty of gold at a fraction of the price, but it has other benefits as well!


Gold Jewellery has been a part of nearly every human culture throughout history. From our earliest days, gold jewellery has been a statement of one's wealth, status, and social standing.  Gold has been a scarce material throughout history and the adornments made from it. Because of its rarity, gold was accessible to only the most elite or wealthy of society; now, gold jewellery has become far more widely available. Today, gold jewellery comes in countless varieties in all shapes, sizes, and costs, and just about anyone can own a piece, if not multiple sets. One of the most accessible forms of gold jewellery is gold plated pieces; these items bring the beautiful lustre and quality of gold with a more cost-effective price tag. 


What Is Gold Plated Jewellery? 


Plating is the process of bonding a metal coating to the surface of another metal; this process dates back to the early 1800s and was invented by a man named Luigi Brugnatelli. Simply put, gold plating is the process by which a less expensive, usually light metal, is coated with a more expensive metal, like gold. The process sometimes starts by coating a metal, like Brass, Bronze, Silver, or Copper, with Nickel; this protects the molten gold from being impacted or contaminated by the underlying metal. The piece is then dipped into a liquid gold solution holding a positive electrical charge; this charge is how the gold is bonded to the nickel. Once fully coated, the piece is hung to dry, cleaned, polished, and sent off for sale. 


What Are The Benefits Of Gold Plating?


Gold plating brings a number of benefits to both the jewellery crafter and the consumer. As a baseline, coating a less expensive item in gold inherently increases its value and appeal, as gold does not tarnish, is generally considered more appealing than base metals, and is easy to care for and maintain. However, the main draw behind gold plated jewellery is its relatively low cost; gold plated jewellery is difficult to distinguish between its solid gold counterparts, allowing most people to wear gold jewellery at a fraction of the cost. Because of this, gold plated jewellery sells very well and appeals to a massive audience. For jewellers, however, the cheaper production cost of gold plating allows for greater creativity and experimentation in design. Gold plating also allows more jewellers to expand into online marketplaces as people are more hesitant to buy solid gold items online, preferring in-person sales, while gold plated jewellery sells very well in online marketplaces. 


Gold plated jewellery allows more people to enjoy the lustre and beauty of gold or have a more extensive collection of gold pieces to pair with more wardrobe options. Odissa is a member product showcase for the Guild of Jewellery Designers. We offer a wide selection of gold plated and solid gold jewellery from local artisan jewellers here in the UK. If you would like to ask us questions about any of our products or would like to sell through us, feel free to contact us here


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