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Sterling Silver and Copper Fox Earrings

Simple fox earrings, handmade from sterling silver and copper
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-foxe1

Sterling Silver and Copper Sloth Earrings

Hand made sterling silver and copper sloth earrings
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-slothe1

Frosted square silver earrings with Keum-Boo gold

I discovered using one of my small hand tools I could create...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-3196

Lace textured Square Silver Earrings with Keum-Boo gold

I have created the texture of these earrings by rolling lace...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-3179

Acorn twig sterling silver earrings with gold tips

I have created these delicate earrings from the twig of the...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-2762

American Oak Acorn Cup three Drop Earrings

These delicate drop-stud earrings match the American acorn cup...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-3119

American Oak Elephant Rock Half Hoop Earrings

I have made these hoop earrings as they are a classic style...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-2757

Dangling Hydrangea Sterling Silver Flower Earrings

I have used two Hydrangea flower heads to create these...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-3175

Larimar gemstone dangle earrings with sterling silver

These earrings are made of Larimar which is also known as...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-2731

Quince Sterling Silver Half Hoop Earrings

One harvest my husband, came in from the garden and gave me...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-2763

Quince Stud Earrings

These Stud Earrings are not an identical pair after all the...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-3143

Red Amber dangle earrings with sterling silver

These earrings are made of Amber which has been colour...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-2729

Silver Coral Earrings

These delicate earrings are sterling silver with gold to...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-3145

Silver geometric line dangling earrings with gold highlights

Geometric  line dangling earrings with gold highlights are...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-3161

Sterling Silver dangle Coral Earrings.

These earrings are made from a silver piece of Coral and I...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-2775

Sterling Silver Half Hoop Earrings.

Textured half hoop earrings 5mm wide.
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-3155

Titanium Blue Druse Gemstone Earrings set with Silver

Sparkling  Titanium Blue Druse gemstones that measure 18mm x...
VendorJane Orton ID: V314-3164

Sterling Silver Mute Symbol Stud Earrings

Mute symbol themed earrings, hand made from sterling silver
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-mutee1

Sterling Silver Double Textured Squares Earrings

Hand made textured square shaped earrings
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-dbltexsqe1

Sterling Silver Etched Shell Earrings

Beach themed shell earrings, hand made from sterling silver
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-shellearrings

Sterling Silver 3D Circle Earrings

Hand made sterling silver and copper 3D circle earrings
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-3dcircleearrings1

Oak Leaf Hoop Earrings

VendorCobwebAndCo ID: V371-CACOLHE

Zen Hoop Earrings in gold vermeil

Inspired by a moment of calm, these little circles of Zen are...
VendorEllen&Me ID: V370-239816

Zen Mini Pathway Earrings in gold vermeil with rhodolite garnet

Why not add a touch of understated glamour with these stud...
VendorEllen&Me ID: V370-239800

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Alan Hardwick  Posted in Odissa Republic - 16/11/2020 - 09:09:52 AM
Unofficial day 1 of the Odissa Handmade Pre Christmas Virtual Fair. Take a look at the showcase and bid on some auction items to grab a bargain. Seller Deals and competitions to win some great mystery prizes; someone has to win! :-)
Alan Hardwick  Posted in Odissa Republic - 12/11/2020 - 02:13:19 PM
Just testing a new feature of The Odissa Handmade selling platform: New Online Christmas Fair feature coming soon! Woohoo! What do you think of the new look folks? It works a lot better on a mobile too.
Alan Hardwick  Posted in Odissa Republic - 27/10/2020 - 10:05:02 AM
A new seller has joined the Odissa Handmade community. Please take a look at the work of Zoe, the creator of Love Flo Jewellery.

We hope you like her creations and thank you for taking the time to look at her work. When you support small businesses like hers, you make a real difference. Its not just about making a purchase it could be telling a friend or following on instagram, it all helps and it's what allows her and all the other designer/makers on Odissa Handmade to keep doing what they love.

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