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Alan Hardwick  14/10/2020 - 11:37:48 AM
Red Robin Pantry introduces eco friendly packaging:

This year it’s been our mission to source compostable & biodegradable packaging for our new confectionery ranges - not an easy task I tell you! Sure if you are opening up a deli or takeaway there are loads of options, but when i comes to finding eco packaging for products it’s a nightmare! If our chocolate is going to be sustainable, organic & eco then so should our packaging!!

After what seems like never-ending searching finally and some creative repurposing of packaging designed for food to go, finally we’ve sourced packaging for the last of our troublesome products - marshmall ...
Alan Hardwick  08/10/2020 - 08:52:10 AM
Wax seals for wedding stationary (if you can still get married of course!) or for business purposes to highlight your brand. Standard or personalised options available. Just peel them off and stick them on!

Made by The Guild of Jewellery Designers and available through Odissa Handmade.

Alan Hardwick  08/10/2020 - 08:41:47 AM
Join the Odissa Handmade 'Birthday Club' and receive discounts from participating sellers on your birthday.

Hear it first.

Get access to exclusive offers & birthday discounts – no spam, we promise.

Sign up at least 2 weeks before your birthday & we will send you a birthday treat.

Just tick the subscription boxes at the signup and add your birthday and email address.

Alan Hardwick  14/10/2020 - 11:36:43 AM
New Odissa Seller: Forever Close Memorials

Forever Close Memorials is a family-run company started by artist and designer, Sarah Crawford.

Her hand-crafted glass and silver pieces provide a unique form of comfort following the loss of a loved one and are a beautiful and personal memorial of someone special.

Alan Hardwick  08/10/2020 - 08:20:53 AM
Spotlight on: Festive Elf Drops

Apologies for saying the 'C' word but Christmas will be on us soon! :-)

Festive Elf Drops by Red Robin Pantry are the perfect stocking filler for kids big & small this Christmas. Their little elves have been busy busy busy in the workshop hand piping away and sprinkling these magical little white chocolate buttons in marbled red & green.

All of their chocolates are handmade by them in Falmouth using the finest quality organic & fair-trade Belgian chocolate.

Alan Hardwick  07/10/2020 - 10:35:03 PM
Weddings might be postponed or cancelled for this year but it's never too early to organise your wedding rings or, if you haven't got to that stage yet, how about commissioning an Odissa designer to turn your engagement ring ideas into reality?

Rings in traditional precious metals (Gold, Platinum and Palladium) to exotic new spaceage materials such as Titanium and Black Zirconium are all available on Odissa Handmade.

Search for a designer maker today.
Alan Hardwick  07/10/2020 - 10:11:14 PM
Coming soon! The Odissa Handmade Virtual Fair (temporary name and official date to be decided but should be around the middle of November 2020 :-)

There will be extra special offers, auctions, bargains and competitions galore - keep popping back for more information. In the absence of craft fairs to visit for the near future, this will be an great alternative to meet and greet the makers - virtually of course and from the comfort of your own bed if you feel that way inclined! :-)
Alan Hardwick  08/10/2020 - 08:50:30 AM
What was the first piece of jewellery you ever bought that meant something to you and why? Do you still have it? Answers NOT on a postcard - just post below! :-)
ALAN HARDWICK (GETi Titanium) 07/10/2020 - 09:40:42 PM
Personalisation is an important extra addon service that we offer at GETi. Apart from making our 'world famous' :-) Titanium and Black Zirconium rings, we offer a laser engraving service on all items of jewellery. Here's a snapshot of a recent engraving commission on a Silver Signet ring. We can also supply the ring as well though if required, so give us a shout with your ideas. This one has a hand drawn design - it's not all just computers you know! :-)
ALAN HARDWICK (GETi Titanium) 07/10/2020 - 09:46:22 PM
Inside and outside ring engravings are our most popular forms of personalisation - swear words are our favourites! :-)
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