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Is there any guarantee of my jewellery being returned to me if it's lost or stolen if I use the Jewellery Reunited service?

asked by: Admin on 2022-07-13 16:22:23



Unfortunately no. It does rely on the honesty of the finder to a large degree, but there are a lot of honest people out there and they will respond when presented with the opportunity to help return the item to it's owner.


If the item is stolen and subsequently recovered, police will be able to enter the serial number into our search form in order to trace the owner. Scutinising a recovered item of jewellery for distinguishing marks or serial numbers is commonly undertaken and there's definitely a higher chance of getting it back with a serial number than without.


For a relatively small investment, it's a good option to try if your item holds high sentimental value such as a wedding or engagement ring or a family heirloom.

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