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Information about buying from individual designer/makers on Odissa
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Designers can be contacted directly to arrange a return, make changes or check up on an order by visiting the designers profile or a product and clicking on the 'Contact' link on the left hand side under the 'FOLLOW' section or the 'Contact (Designer Name)' at the bottom of the page. You can also contact Odissa admin from the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.
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Odissa is a designer/maker jewellery selling platform consisting of a number of individual 'shop' areas which means that we do not stock or fulfill any products/orders directly!

All products listed on Odissa belong to third party suppliers so when you place an order through Odissa, the order and payment is sent directly to the designer and your point of contact for returns, alterations or queries about it should also be sent directly using the designer contact form on their profile, their direct email or telephone contact details.
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This will vary, depending on the supplier whom you purchased from. Each supplier will have different delivery terms. Please click on the desired product page and scroll down until you see the “Product Details”, here you will be able to see the seller terms & delivery times for orders. General lead times for orders may also be specified in the designers profile. Our designer/makers are usually very flexible and may be able to turn items round quicker if you need it - just ask! They'll be pleased to hear from you :-)
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The majority of items on Odissa are made to order and this is down to the discretion of your designer/maker and how far ahead they are with your order. Extra charges may be involved.
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You pay for your order immediately after you fill out your billing information & click submit.
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We require your email address for the following reasons:

To send you an order confirmation

To update you on the order status

To notify you about any updates with your order

To remind you about your order experience and product feedback

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Information about buying from individual designer/makers on Odissa

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