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Ayurveda Wellness Birthstone 1 Crystal Copper Cup


Pure copper water cup 300ml with a single beautiful birthstone set in pure silver.   This water cup is a beautiful item that you can use around the house.   This cup is available in the following birthstones (subject to

Ayurveda Wellness Copper Bottle Rumi Mantra (600ml) 1 Crystal


99.7% pure copper bottle 600ml.   This Mantra bottle contains the words, you are not a drop in the ocean you are the entire ocean in a drop. It contains a Amethyst crystal set in pure silver.   There is a Flower of life

Ayurveda Wellness Copper Water Tank (8L), Flower of Life and 7 Chakra Crystals


ELEGANT COPPER WATER DISPENSER- HANDMADE WITH 7 NATURAL GEMSTONES. Naturally, alkalises water & kills certain harmful bacteria* – Easy assembly and no additional parts /filters required. A strikingly beautiful addition to any kitchen

Ayurveda Wellness Copper Bottle Balance Mantra 7 Crystals


This bottle is everything you could wish for in terms of Ayurveda, Copper health benefits, Beautiful, Practical, Sustainable, Recycled Copper, Leakproof, Chakra Crystals, Sacred Geometry   ✔ Ayurveda ✔ Copper health benefits

11 Litre Ayurveda Wellness Copper Water Filter Tank 7 Crystals


Double Filter Tank – 11 litre Handmade tanks made from recycled copper materials. 11L  Filter tank the most stylish way to filter fluoride. This filter tank contains state of the art porcelain, activated carbon and metallic silver c

Water Tank Fluoride & Chemical Filter Cartridges x 2


Wrekin CeraULTRA FTO All In One Fluoride Filters Wrekin CeraULTRA FTO All In One Fluoride Filters Wrekin’s unique all in one filter. No need to have a separate filter for Fluoride. FTO covers Fluoride, Chlorine removal 0.5 Micron Ceramic

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