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Sterling Silver Stamped 'This Is Me' Cross Over Adjustable Ring

Hand stamped inspirational ring, hand made from sterling silver
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-thisismer1
¥3, 715

Sterling Silver Stamped 'Dog Laugh - Tail Wag' Adjustable Ring

Hand made sterling silver stamped ring
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-doglaughr1
¥3, 715

Upcycled Norwegian Silver Wrap Spoon Ring

Norwegian silver statement ring, hand made from a teaspoon
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-norwegianwrap1
¥12, 631

Sterling Silver Mute Symbol Stud Earrings

Mute symbol themed earrings, hand made from sterling silver
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-mutee1
¥2, 675

Sterling Silver Double Textured Squares Earrings

Hand made textured square shaped earrings
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-dbltexsqe1
¥4, 458

Sterling Silver Sodalite Pyramis Stud Earrings

Statement stud earrings, hand made from sterling silver
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-sodalitepyramide1
¥8, 619

Sterling Silver Etched Shell Earrings

Beach themed shell earrings, hand made from sterling silver
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-shellearrings
¥2, 675

Sterling Silver Trapeze Artist Earrings

Hand made sterling silver trapeze artist earrings
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-trapezeartistear1
¥3, 715

Sterling Silver 3D Circle Earrings

Hand made sterling silver and copper 3D circle earrings
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-3dcircleearrings1
¥8, 619

Sterling Silver and Copper 3D Circle Necklace

Hand made sterling silver and copper 3D circle necklaceA quirky and...
VendorObsidian Butterfly ID: V349-3dcirclenecklace1
¥4, 458



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VendorGETi Titanium ID: V20-V28-2226CH-FISH
¥45, 013

Celtic Silver Earrings E1788

VendorOrtak Jewellery ID: V52-V30-celtic-silver-earrings-e1788
¥11, 145

Three Peaks Triangle Earrings Silver

Three Peaks Triangle Earrings Silver
VendorLady K Jewellery ID: V278-LDK009
¥18, 576

Sterling Silver Rounded Box Chain

VendorSilver Realm Jewellery ID: V375-sterling-silver-rounded-box-chain
¥3, 567

Crosses Silver Charm C104

VendorOrtak Jewellery ID: V52-V30-crosses-silver-charm-c104
¥3, 418

Frost pearl studs

Sterling silver and peacock pearl. Please note these earrings are unique...
VendorKaren J Ward ID: V164-ko1510e
¥14, 861

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Guide to Virtual Fairs

Guide to Virtual Fairs

The Odissa Handmade Guide to Virtual Fairs   Virtual fairs are looking like the way to go this year, and we're here to show you how to make yours unforgettable.   A virtual fair has enormous potential. So many Odissa elements ...
Fingersize Measurement

Fingersize Measurement

On the face of it, obtaining a ring finger size should be a fairly simple task. However, with the introduction in recent years of the comfort fit, which is the curved interior of a ring, the process can be plagued with errors.   Ideally, ...

Featured Products

Multi Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

8mm Multi Gemstone Beaded Bracelet
VendorSoel Beads ID: V165-13535
¥2, 965

Prehnite 8mm Sterling Silver Bracelet

Grade 'A' Prehnite and Sterling Silver 8mm Beaded Bracelet
VendorSoel Beads ID: V165-13576
¥5, 647

Red Tigers Eye and Onyx Tibetan Bracelet

Red Tigers Eye and Onyx Tibetan Style Beaded Bracelet
VendorSoel Beads ID: V165-13565
¥4, 310

Onyx and Hematite Beaded Bracelet

8mm Matte Onyx Beaded Bracelet with Hematite and Onyx
VendorSoel Beads ID: V165-13387
¥4, 310

Lotus petal breeze necklace

Inspired by the elegant lotus petal, this open-work design is pared down...
VendorJouelle ID: V365-JLPBN
¥27, 492

Sterling silver amazonite drop earrings

Blue-green amazonite globes suspended from elegantly stylised sterling...
VendorJouelle ID: V365-JSSADE
¥9, 659

Tattoo rose ear studs

These fine fretwork roses are individually hand carved from sterling...
VendorJouelle ID: V365-JTRES
¥10, 402

Hedgehog Earrings

These adorable little hedgehog stud earrings are cast in sterling silver...
VendorLucy Stopes-Roe ID: V266-LSRHE
¥14, 118

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