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What is Odissa?  

Odissa is a marketplace of online jewellery, arts and crafts shops catering for the growth in fine handmade products and brings you the best of thoughtfully curated modern creative workmanship.


The platform was created by The Guild of Jewellery Designers as a place for creative /makers to offer learning courses, showcase and sell their products and help to maintain and grow the handmade industry in the face of cheap foreign imports.

We accept designers who are committed to handcrafting products from their own original designs, providing you with a stunning collection of unique works for you to wear and send as gifts to discerning friends.


Explore Odissa's shops and find the pieces that make you individual.


Odissa allows shoppers to discover, follow, and engage with independent designer/maker brands with unique styles from around the world.

On Odissa, it's easy to not only discover but also connect with emerging brands and the creators behind them. Because each designer on Odissa is in charge of managing their own shop, fulfilling orders, and setting their brand’s policies, any questions regarding shipping details, delivery times, sizing, order specifics, and returns should be directed to the brand owner of the shop. 

You can find each brand owner’s contact information on their site profile page.

Feel free to join our Facebook group, Odissa Republic, where you can meet the designers first hand, ask questions or even get help commissioning your own pieces. Odissa Republic on Facebook

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