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Can one of our designer/makers help you today?

Buy one-of-a-kind, bespoke personalised handcrafted jewellery, arts and crafts direct from the designer/maker.

Whether you are searching for the perfect piece of jewellery, want help designing something unique or already have an idea to design and commission a bespoke piece of jewellery or other craft item, Odissa designer/makers are here to help.

At Odissa we strive to make the experience of creating your bespoke piece as special as the products you want. Our Commission a Designer/Maker service allows clients to commission unique pieces from all over the UK, giving you the opportunity to be involved in every step of the journey of your creation, designed and made to your personal requirements.





After you post your commission request, our matching algorithm identifies and notifies the relevant makers, who can then express interest in your job via the website. You review interested designer/makers by reading their profiles, work examples and feedback. Contact details are exchanged only when you say so.





We want you to have something that's perfect.

Our designer/makers help you develop your ideas and answer

all your questions through every step of the process.





Our designer/makers work with you to turn your ideas into reality

often creating beautifully drawn images and/or detailed computer

generated renderings so you can envisage your design.






Once agreed, your order is carefully hand crafted

and finished to the highest quality standards by some of the

most talented makers in the UK.







Once a commission is in progress, accountability goes a long way. Feedback through the member's profile in Odissa ensures that makers are rewarded for good work and held accountable for any problems. Our designer/makers appreciate the opportunity to build an outstanding reputation on Odissa through The Guild of Jewellery Designers, and your feedback makes that possible.




Click below to login or register and post a commission request on the Odissa jewellery, arts and crafts marketplace to choose your designer/maker today.





  • Click the link above to Login or create your account in order to post your commission.
  • In the request form, choose the category most appropriate to your commission idea.
  • Add a subject and your commission request details adding as much information as possible including your location area and hit 'SEND QUOTATION REQUEST'
  • Sit back and wait for designer/makers to respond.
  • A history of your request and subsequent discussions will appear in your Odissa dashboard and, when makers respond, you can review their profiles and choose which ones to engage with.
  • After discussion with interested designers, you can then choose who to proceed with and set the request to either 'Declined' or 'Assigned'
  • If you assign a request, you will no longer receive contacts from other designers but can continue discussion with your chosen designer.
  • Once a designer has been assigned, the option to book either a workshop or home visit with your designer can be booked using the booking scheduler.
  • If a price has been agreed, you will be able to proceed to make a payment for a deposit of the full amount at the discretion of your desiger/maker.

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