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Are you looking for a bespoke handcrafted products, a special occasion item of jewellery, for example a wedding, engagement or other celebration, or have you perhaps inherited some jewellery and want to have it redesigned and remodelled in to something new?

As well as having a growing selection of standard ranges from various designer/makers on Odissa, many can be approached through our 'Bespoke Products' scheme on the Odissa platform and they love to make specially commissioned pieces.

Firstly you can fill in the commission request form with your details for the enquiry. This will then go directly to all the makers in our system for them to review the details and assess whether they are in a position to be able to respond to your request.

If you have found a designer whose work that you like and want to arrange a home or workshop consultation to discuss your requirements, please do so by filling in the 'Book a consultation' form found in your Odissas account dashboard under the 'Commission Requests' link.

Before your consultation and included in the form, please make notes about your requirements. (Image files can also be uploaded with the form if available.)

Potential jewellery considerations are:

  • Type of jewellery metal eg. commission a bespoke wedding or engagement ring
  • What stones you would like
  • An idea of your budget and how much you'd like to spend
  • When you need the item for
  • Fingersize if it's a ring (this can be determined with a consultation however)
  • Whether you have any old jewellery to use for the commission to offset the cost

After your consultation or by internal message, your designer may create artwork or a mockup of the design for your approval. (If a mockup is required, there may be an initial charge for this.)

Once the design and costs have been agreed in principle and you decide to go ahead with the order, your designer/maker may require a deposit (usually 50%) or, depending on the value of the order, full payment before commencement. Paying the deposit means that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the designer/maker but the actual full terms may vary depending on the maker. If applicable, the balance of the payment is due on completion and before delivery. See each designer/maker's profile for their Terms and Conditions regarding commissions.

Changes to the design may still be made but should be sent in writing as soon as possible and assuming work has not yet begun. Changes made after work has begun may be chargeable.

Odissa designer/makers are located all over the UK so that may determine your decision to work with a particular maker.

Designers may, in the first instance, give an estimate of cost and the actual price may be determined by the current price of materials at the time as they can fluctuate. The final price may be determined and adjusted if time has passed since the original quotation if there has been any movement in market prices. Our designer/makers aim to work to your timeframe but delays may sometimes be unavoidable.

We look forward to working with you to find a designer to create your special and unique commissions.

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