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Odissa Features Explained

Commission a Designer

This feature allows buyers to approach our designer/makers to place bespoke enquiries for products. The enquiry goes to all makers in the chosen category for them to decide if the commission is within their capability and to then respond to it.

Multiple Logins

Sellers can create up to five assistant accounts to deal with the day to day upkeep of their shop area. Ideal for a designer with a small team.

Selling Tools

  • Auctions - Run an auction to create interest in your products.
  • Daily Deals - Run time sensitive deals to generate a sense of urgency
  • Promotional Discount Coupons
  • Bulk Order Discounts
  • Recommended Products Cross Selling
  • Enhanced Order Management Enhanced order management system for managing all your orders however you receive them. See at a glance which orders need to be worked on to meet the delivery date.
  • Product Price Calculation Tool Check the blog for instuctions on use here

PPL Insurance Cover

Join as a Seller Plus subscriber and receive GB£5M Products and Public Liability cover included. This policy covers jewellery and arts and crafts products sold worldwide (including USA and Canada) Some trade exclusions apply.

Facebook Shop Integration for sellers lucky enough to have pages with over 2,500 likes (Facebook policy)

Extensive Product Attributes/Options capability

Bookings Feature

List and take bookings for jewellery and craft related courses - organise bookings for showroom or workshop or home consultations.

Live Chat

Talk in real time with your shop visitors.

Social Media Links

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

Ask A Question

Display product questions and answers to help educate and clarify product information.

Product Reviews

Abandoned Order Follow Ups

The system automatically sends reminders to try and encorage a sale when carts are abandoned before checkout.

Request a product review

Automatic sales follow up asking for a review of the product purchased.

Product Features

  • Attributes/Options
  • Recommended products
  • Primary and unlimited secondary images
  • Meta tags and search words for SEO
  • Stock inventory control
  • Gift promotions (Buy one, get one free - Buy 'x', get 'x' free etc.)
  • Quantity discounts
  • Auctions
  • Booking
  • Product questions
  • Statistics

Odissa - The Blog


Jewellery Near Me?

posted by admin at 04/04/2020
Handcrafted product sales are on the increase and for good reason. The flood of poor quality Far East products, fuelled by cheap prices and unrealistic claims that don't hold up, has pushed consumers to look for alternatives in the marketplace. The expression 'handmade is best' has rung true for decades, but never more so than now ...

Ring Sizer Conversion Tool

posted by admin at 02/06/2020
Coming Soon to Odissa! To help customers determine the correct ring size conversion when ordering rings, The Guild of Jewellery Designers have commissioned a tool to be written that converts from one country size system to another. This should be available very soon and will be a trusted resource for accurately converting your ring size to that of the system used by your jewellery designer/maker ...

New Product Price Calculator Tool

posted by admin at 01/15/2020
We're pleased to announce the addition of a brand new product pricing calculator tool which is available to all vendors in your back end admin area only. Click the blue button next to the 'Item Price' field to open the calculator. The tool is designed to be a quick price calculation tool to confirm that your pricing is correct and that you are actually making some money! :-) Pricing your products for selling, either wholesale or full retail, is difficult at the best of times ...
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