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Journal Logs and Quotations


Now included in all Odissa Seller Subscriptions


The Journal Logs and Quotations feature has been designed to help jewellery makers with their business. Keeping track of components and costs can be the most challenging aspect of any business and this journal will help you do just that.


  • Unlimited journal/quotation entries to organise your jewellery projects and keep track of every detail (project description, date started and finished, components used, costs, selling price, notes, etc...)
  • Cost jobs and email quotations directly to your clients
  • Project search facility to refer back to your recent activity
  • (Coming in Version 2) Inventory records to store all the components and materials in stock, their price, which quantity you bought and when
  • Editable entries to add extra notes after creation of your project

Create entries to track and record designs and costs, reference new ideas, and (coming soon in version 2!) an inventory to keep track of the materials in stock; you will be able to price your items with confidence and ease.

Design Portfolio

Unlimited entries; record an item reference, 2 design images, and notes on your design. Each journal entry includes areas to record components used, how you made/intend to make the piece, what went wrong and what you would do differently. Work out the total cost and your selling price to ensure you have accounted for everything using the inbuilt pricing calculator. The perfect reference for repeating a design later. Search your journals by reference or customer ID at a later date to refer back to your notes.


Use the journal as a quotation tool to email prices directly to your clients with space to add notes, materials needed, time & cost estimates, start & finish dates and, when a price has been agreed with your client, edit the entry to reflect the price agreed.


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