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Guide to Virtual Fairs

The Odissa Handmade guide to virtual fairs


Virtual fairs are looking like the way to go this year, and we're here to show you how to make yours unforgettable.


A virtual fair has enormous potential. So many Odissa elements can be incorporated into your fair presence, and it'll give you the chance to revamp anything that has become set in its way. With no space limitations, worry about buying enough burgers and less cleaning up and packing away stock at the end, you can concentrate on making the elements of your fair enjoyable for all. A virtual fair has no geographical limits so anyone can take part, including far-away friends and relatives.


How does an Odissa Handmade Virtual Fair Work?


Subscribing sellers on Odissa Handmade that are also signed up to a virtual fair are included in a dedicated showcase page given prominent position on the Odissa Handmade homepage and advertised on Google and social media channels.


Like a physical event, a virtual fair is about having lots of different things that will appeal to visitors. There are all manner of tools available for whatever activities you're planning, including:


More features are planned for the development of the fairs and we would be more than happy to hear your feature requests for future virtual fairs.


Keys to success


Because a virtual fair has fewer limitations than a physical one, it can be easy to lose focus. The most important things to remember are:


Make it interactive:  Invite people to take part in activities, enter, competitions. Try to engage your visitors

Make it inclusive:  Offer some free elements where anyone can benefit.

Make it varied:  As with any fair, a bit of everything is more exciting and means there's something to appeal to everyone.


Getting the message out


Shouting out about virtual events is crucial as they're easier to forget without the physical prompt of needing to actually go somewhere.

Get the message out to your previous customers and social media followers through your own website, Facebook, Tik Tok or Instagram pages, emails and newsletters.

Don't just plug it on your own pages - utilise pages and groups that cover your local area and beyond. #gojdvirtualfair

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