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Becky Rowe Jewellery

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Becky Rowe Jewellery

My-D House
Grande Rue
GY4 6RR St Martin,  0,  United Kingdom

Becky has established herself as one of Guernsey’s leading independent jewellers. Young, passionate and committed to producing unique, hand-finished pieces, she is best known for working with her clients to create stunning bespoke items.

After founding the successful line, My-D, Becky has re-launched the business under her own name, retaining her trademark Angel. Becky Rowe stands for quality. She crafts the antiques of the future, family treasures to be passed down through generations. Her eye for detail and personal service has created a loyal following, both on and off island.

Passionate about a career in jewellery design since the age of just eight, Becky enrolled in an evening class at 12-years-old. She began her apprenticeship four years later and, at 22, continued her training in London, completing a City and Guilds jewellery design diploma. Returning to the island, she gained valuable experience working with a recognised Guernsey jeweller before starting her own business.

From contemporary cool to classic chic, every piece is a statement, crafted with passion and a sense of individuality.

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