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Charlotte E Padgham Jewellery

Member Since: Jul 17, 2018

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Charlotte E Padgham Jewellery

SE4 London,  0,  United Kingdom

The coalescence of art and science through materials and processes, as well as thematically, connects all of my work.


Themes of transition, manipulation, ephemerality and 'imperfection' are explored through the analysis and re-appropriation of found objects and organic matter, fused with precious and semi-precious materials. This culminates in art work and unique jewellery collections that harness both control and spontaneity and that have the potential to, or the feeling of, being able to transform and evolve over time.


I use 'Eco', Fair Trade, recycled/biodegradable and reclaimed materials in my work and packaging as much as possible.


All of my pieces are hallmarked at the London Assay Office.


Due to the processes and materials I use no two items are identical creating truly unique one of a kind pieces.

A fusion of precious, semi-precious and found materials developed and explored through themes of transition, manipulation, ephemerality, identity and 'imperfection' culminating in unusual and unique collections. www.9-lives.org.uk


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Charlotte E Padgham Jewellery


, United Kingdom

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