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Welcome to the age of genderless fashion and unisex jewellery!

Gender neutrality might not be the norm in jewellery fashion, but it certainly doesn't come as any great surprise. What was once clearly labelled, now becomes a hazy blur as both men and women can be seen wearing the same and not looking out of place.

Can we now assume that this shift in thinking will eventually become mainstream? You decide!



Charlotte E Padgham Contemporary Art & Jewellery

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Eco Sterling Silver Earrings

Eco Sterling Silver Earrings

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Delicate but with an edge! Hand formed and finished from Eco Sterling Silver These earrings are 6cm long and 0.8mm (20 gauge) thick which is comfortable for the majority of piercings (such as gun piercings). They have been 'work hardened' which means they have been hammered to strengthen them but they still have a degree of flexibility for ease of fitting and safety. Each piece is hand forged which means there may be slight differences between them. This results in every piece being truly unique.

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