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Welcome to the age of genderless fashion and unisex jewellery!

Gender neutrality might not be the norm in jewellery fashion, but it certainly doesn't come as any great surprise. What was once clearly labelled, now becomes a hazy blur as both men and women can be seen wearing the same and not looking out of place.

Can we now assume that this shift in thinking will eventually become mainstream? You decide!



Charlotte E Padgham Jewellery

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'IRON' Patinated Sterling Silver Ring

'IRON' Patinated Sterling Silver Ring

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First pieces of a new collection in progress inspired by the art and architecture of Joseph Paxton, The Crystal Palace and The Great Exhibition. I set out to interrogate the architectural forms, their materials and their properties to create wearable artefacts with a contemporary edge. Iron and glass possess both strength and fragility; light and dark; transparency and opacity; toughness and smoothness; coldness and warmth; coarseness and elegance... Currently available in sizes K and N/O Each ring is slightly different due to the hand processes and finishes I use guaranteeing you a truly unique piece.

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