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Andrew Ashcroft Jewellery Design

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Andrew Ashcroft Jewellery Design

Studio 1 Fowler's Yard
Back Silver St
DH1 3RA Durham,  Durham,  United Kingdom


Set in a quiet back street close to the heart of the historic city of Durham The Croft Workshops is home to Andrew Ashcroft, Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer.


With more than 15 years of experience, Andrew specialises in creating bespoke wedding and engagement rings along with a wide variety of other jewellery.  To be updated with Andrew's newest designs follow us on Instagram.


Each piece is handmade by Andrew using a combination of traditional skills and modern technology. Over the years Andrew has developed a unique style of his own. 


Taking inspiration from nature he has become known for creating exquisitely detailed botanical designs using precious metals, diamonds and coloured gemstones.

All rings are handmade to order so please allow approximately 4 weeks for completion. Every ring is unique, the photographs are to show the overall style and finish but the smaller details will not be identical. Special requests for slight variations on the design will be considered, please contact me for any other information.

As each ring is made to order I can not accept returns unless there is a fault with the item. It is your responsibility to make sure the finger size has been measured correctly. If necessary I will do my best to alter the size for you but there may be a charge. If unsure about finger size it's best to call into a reputable jewellers to get measured by a professional.


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Andrew Ashcroft Jewellery Design


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