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Donagh Cross

Donagh Cross

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Sterling Silver

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Sale Price: £55.00


This ancient red sandstone Cross measuring 2.53 metres high is located in Carndonagh, Co Donegal on the site of a church founded by St. Patrick. It is considered one of the best examples of low relief carving from the early medieval period in Ireland. 


The top of the Cross features an interlace woven as the Tree of Life. With its roots in the earth and its branches high in the air, it represented the connection between heaven and earth. The seasonal cycles of the tree links it with growth, death and rebirth. Formed in the shape of a cross it blends Celtic and Christian symbolism. The most prominent scene on the Cross has been interpreted as the Crucifixion accompanied by figures representing Stephaton and Longinus, sponge and lance bearers and the two thieves crucified with Christ. Below it are three figures wearing cowls and long robes. These may represent the holy women who visited Christ's tomb after the Resurrection.


Our sterling silver cross is available in 2 sizes (26mm or 34mm) and comes complete with a plain cable neckchain in 16" - 24".

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