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St. Bodan's Cross

St. Bodan's Cross

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Sterling Silver

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Sale Price: £55.00


This 10th century cross measuring 4 metres tall is located near Culdaff, Co. Donegal.  It is carved in the distinctive manner of hybrid art produced by the Christian Celtic tradition and the carvings are both beautiful and intriguing. Apart from three figurative panels, the Cross is entirely covered in abstract ornament - well carved interlacing fret patterns and one unusual panel of spirals with animal head terminals. The figurative panel in the centre of the west face contains two figures sitting side by side. It has been suggested that these represent St. Paul and St. Anthony in the desert and that the two animals above them are the lions that dug St. Paul's grave.


For our version of the St. Bodan’s Cross we have taken inspiration from the west face of the Cross. Unfortunately the Cross is incomplete. The missing arms were replaced with plain concrete in the 1980’s. Rather than leaving these blank we have extrapolated from the remaining pattern and where none was available for the top arm we have transposed the panel identified as the Miracle of the Loaves from the east face of the Cross.


Our sterling silver cross is available in 2 sizes (36mm or 48mm) and comes complete with a plain cable neckchain in 16" - 24".

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