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Lilia Nash Jewellery

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Jewellery Care


We recommend the following to keep your jewellery in beautiful, sparkling condition:



  • Wipe gemstones with a clean, soft cotton cloth;
  • Clean silver pieces regularly with a silver polishing cloth to prevent tarnishing;
  • Ask a professional jeweller to clean very dirty pieces;
  • Store your jewellery individually, wrapped in a soft cloth or tissue;
  • Wipe pearls with a damp cloth after use to keep lustre;
  • Enjoy wearing your jewellery, inspect it regularly, keep it clean and maintained, and it will last for years!
  • Have a bath, shower or clean wearing your jewellery. Even gold can develop a soapy film;
  • Wear jewellery in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi. The chlorine in the water will erode the metal;
  • Sleep or do physical activities with your jewellery on! Metal and gemstones can react to the salts and acids in perspiration;
  • Wear your jewellery when spraying perfume or applying body lotions, hairspray etc. They will damage the metal and gemstones;
  • Use harsh cleaners (silver dip, hot solutions or abrasives) on jewellery set with gemstones;
  • Store jewellery unprotected and jumbled together. The contact will damage the metal and stones;
  • Leave silver jewellery on a wood surface. Woods frequently contain acids that react to the metal and cause discoloration and tarnish;
  • Store jewellery in a damp environment. Moisture causes tarnish and corrosion;Wash pearls with hot water or acid containing solution. It will destroy them.

Odissa - The Blog



posted by admin at 07/04/2019
Does your Sterling Silver tarnish?   Summer months can be a nightmare for lovers of Silver, when, for no obvious reason, your Silver jewellery doesn't look as lustrous as it should. Here we explore some reasons why this happens.   First of all what causes the discolouration?   Silver turns black when kept in the air because it reacts with sulphur compounds such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S) present in air ...

Demi-Fine Jewellery? WTF?

posted by admin at 05/01/2019
What is 'Demi-Fine Jewellery? Yet another made up buzz phrase but, what the heck, let's run with it as this is what jewellery on Odissa is all about! :-) Demi-Fine jewellery is the mid point between costume jewellery and fine jewellery. It takes elements from both and allows more affordable price points to the upper end fine jewellery level by using lower priced materials such as plated Silver, lower carats of gold, Platinum and Palladium, mixing different metals, precious and non precious, Sapphires, lab created diamonds etc ...

Be Aware When Christmas Shopping Online….

posted by admin at 11/22/2018
....and all year round really! Time, bad weather, battling through the crowds; all things to consider when shopping for Christmas presents. The option to shop online is becoming ever more popular as the advantage of clicking and waiting for a delivery becomes more apparent ...
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