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"Arabesque" earrings

Sterling silver chain maille and oval beads earrings
VendorNAIIAD Designer Jewellery ID: V347-EA-CHORC-ARB

"Boudoir" 2 - Sterling silver chainmail & feather necklace

Sterling silver chainmail and ostrich feather necklace - ***...
VendorNAIIAD Designer Jewellery ID: V347-N-CH-PER-BD2

"Contempo" Sterling silver & gold filled chainmaille bracelet

Sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold filled chainmaille...
VendorNAIIAD Designer Jewellery ID: V347-B-CH-RD-AGF

"Contempo" Sterling silver & gold filled chainmaille necklace

Sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold filled chain maille...
VendorNAIIAD Designer Jewellery ID: V347-N-CH-RD-AGF
£1, 645.00

"Nymph Amethyst" Sterling silver chainmail earrings

Sterling silver chainmail and amethyst briolette earrings
VendorNAIIAD Designer Jewellery ID: V347-EA-CHDRSC-AMT-NY2

"Nymph Pearl" gold & silver chainmaille necklace

Handmade Sterling Silver Nymph Pearl Chainmail Necklace by...
VendorNAIIAD Designer Jewellery ID: V347-N-CH-DRSC-AGF-NY1

"Black Shimmer" silver chainmaille and glass necklace

Sterling silver Byzantine chainmail and black Murano glass...
VendorNAIIAD Designer Jewellery ID: V347-N-CHBY-LEN1

"Ruby Cube" necklace - silver & Murano glass

Handmade Sterling silver Byzantine chainmaille and red Murano...
VendorNAIIAD Designer Jewellery ID: V347-N-CHBY-CU3

Browse through our Women's Jewellery Range from Engagement and Wedding Rings, to Diamond Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets, available in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and non precious designer materials (or a combination of both!)


Whether you prefer something outrageously bold or understated, you've arrived at the right place. All Odissa jewellery is made by small independent businesses based here in the UK, so you can be sure that every piece is unique and finished to the highest standards.

Community Posts

Alan Hardwick  Posted in Odissa Republic - 16/11/2020 - 09:09:52 AM
Unofficial day 1 of the Odissa Handmade Pre Christmas Virtual Fair. Take a look at the showcase and bid on some auction items to grab a bargain. Seller Deals and competitions to win some great mystery prizes; someone has to win! :-)
Alan Hardwick  Posted in Odissa Republic - 12/11/2020 - 02:13:19 PM
Just testing a new feature of The Odissa Handmade selling platform: New Online Christmas Fair feature coming soon! Woohoo! What do you think of the new look folks? It works a lot better on a mobile too.
Alan Hardwick  Posted in Odissa Republic - 27/10/2020 - 10:05:02 AM
A new seller has joined the Odissa Handmade community. Please take a look at the work of Zoe, the creator of Love Flo Jewellery.

We hope you like her creations and thank you for taking the time to look at her work. When you support small businesses like hers, you make a real difference. Its not just about making a purchase it could be telling a friend or following on instagram, it all helps and it's what allows her and all the other designer/makers on Odissa Handmade to keep doing what they love.

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