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Yulia Lisle OilArt

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Yulia Lisle OilArt

587 Tanworth Lane
B90 4JE Solihull,  West Midlands ,  United Kingdom

100% UK Made



  The world is beautiful place! Every day it gives me inspiration for my art and every day it gives me food for thought. I love nature, to learn about her, to understand her and I want to show all that I see in her in my paintings. Richness of colour, shape, line and its uniqueness, it seems to me that these are the things to consider when I create a picture composition. 


  In my school years I was in a specialisation art class where more lessons were given in painting, drawing and art history. Each year I had to complete an art test and always received top marks. 


  After school I studied art in South Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after K.D.Ushinski. This was a great student time with courses involving lots of experimentation in all areas of art and with other students I participated in exhibitions. In my final year to gain my degree I completed a batik project, the experience of which I found very interesting. It consisted of 3 paintings on large pieces of material which took 7 months to complete.


  After University I got an excellent position as an Art Teacher in a private school in Odessa where I had my own studio. It was very popular in school and I did regular exhibitions of the pupil’s art as well as my own. 


  When I was older I enjoyed painting the sea at different times of the day and seasons of the year. I made small paintings and drawings, which I still enjoy doing though now I tend to concentrate on larger paintings on canvas. 


  I have always been interested in art and I love painting flowers, landscapes and the sea. I lived by the sea for 30 years in the town of Odessa, Ukraine where I was born.


  I love the process of working with oil paints, their viscosity, richness, dynamic colours and the connection process of colours with the palette knife movement, as well as when I use it to try  and achieve volume on the canvas. Of course this is my palette knife tool, but I also like to work with a large flat soft brush. Brush strokes from the brush sometimes brings a more creative satisfaction, because they give a deeper effect when layering colour. I delight  in seeing light energy, colour and contrast in my painting

Yulia's inspiration is drawn from her passion for flowers in the natural environment. She expresses this feeling on canvas with oil paints, her preferred medium.


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