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Rachel Shrieves Design

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Rachel Shrieves Design

125 Hawthorn Close
BS34 5SJ Bristol,  Avon,  United Kingdom

100% UK Made


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Rachel Shrieves jewellery

Rachel creates original jewellery designs, presented as collections recycling silver. She also works to commission designing one-off pieces, often using clients own silver cutlery and recycled materials.


The jewellery is all hand-crafted in her Bristol workshop and, on some pieces, it may be possible to stamp a date or a couple of words to make it a true one off.


Each piece in every collection is unique with its own story. Predominantly working in silver, Rachel also incorporates semi-precious stones and found objects such as sea glass.


Rachel finds antique silverware, rich in texture and history, particularly satisfying to work with.


“Spoon rings date back to the 1600s in England and represent love, responsibility and commitment. Too poor to afford a 'real' engagement ring, servants would steal a silver spoon from their master's home and have it crafted into a ring to give to the love of their life when they proposed.”


So not only does each piece of antique silver cutlery that Rachel works with have its own lineage, but the act of making jewellery from cutlery is deep in our culture too.


The idea for the 'Peas In A Pod' collection fell out of a conversation with a client looking for something unique.


“She wanted a piece of jewellery to give to a loved one that symbolised their friendship. I came up with the two peas in a pod design – two peas as the two friends – and after seeing it, she decided to get one for herself too, so they could both have one. The necklaces were both nearly the same but subtly different. Then another client wanted three peas for her three daughters… and so on. The collection just appeared from nowhere, all of its own accord.”


The collections are continually evolving and being added to, with fresh pieces arriving and new collections in the pipeline, so if you would like to keep in touch please join our mailing list (I send a newsletter out four times a year).


If you have an idea for a commission or would like to discuss using some existing cutlery to make a special gift for your nearest and dearest, please drop Rachel a line.


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