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Rebecca H Joselyn

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Rebecca H Joselyn

Studio 22,
Persistence Works
S1 2BS Brown St.,  Sheffield,  United Kingdom

Rebecca started her Business back in 2006, she is based at Yorkshire Artspace in the heart of Sheffield’s city centre.

She exhibits her collection of work at a number of events and craft shows around the UK.

Rebecca has also worked on a number of awards and commissions, including a large oil container which was on show in the museum of modern art in Kuwait and the packaging for the world’s most expensive coffee which can be purchased in Harrods.

Rebecca’s work has grabbed the attention of many Journalists and as a result has been featured in newspapers such as the Sunday times and Financial Times how to spend it. 

Back in 2008 her work caught the eye of the Duke of Devonshire and he still follows and collects her work today.   


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