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Care of Your Bracelet

Care of your bracelet


Your bracelet has been expertly created just for you and deserves to be treated well.

Here are just a few pointers for looking after your bracelet so it is an essential part of your wardrobe for many years to come.


1. The bracelets are made with high quality gemstones and should be treated as such. Be careful not to knock or bang the stones against hard surfaces and be aware of frequent rubbing of the stones against desks whilst working etc. This could lead to the stone breaking, cracking or losing its lustre.


2. Try to avoid letting the bracelets come into excessive contact with perfumes or any other chemicals which may be corrosive. This could ruin the look of the stone. Always put your bracelet on after applying hairsprays and perfumes.


3. Regularly wipe your beads with a soft cloth and do not use cleaning materials.


4. It is recommended that you remove your bracelet before bathing, showering or swimming. It is also a good idea not to wear your bracelet when in bed or partaking in sporting activities.


5. The bracelets are threaded with a special high strength, non fraying jewellery beading elastic.

This has been designed specifically for bead jewellery and is used by some of the leading jewellery designers in the world.

This however does not make it indestructible and care should be taken not to overstretch your bracelet.

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