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Blue Tigers Eye and Onyx Bead Stretch Bracelet

Blue Tigers Eye and Onyx Bead Stretch Bracelet

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Each bracelet contains one of our 6mm Sterling Silver Beads bearing the SoeL brand logo for your guarantee of quality. ----- Gem Beads are 8 mm 1 x Sterling Silver logo bead is 6mm 1 x Sterling Silver bead is 4mm

Sale Price: £49.00


Onyx is a well known protective stone and is said to be worn to protect the owner when they face battles of all types, physical and mental.


It is also believed to protect the wearer against negativity from others and from their own inner mind.


It gives the confidence to be the master of your own destiny and instill strength. -


Blue Tiger Eye, also known as Hawk's Eye or Falcon's Eye is a gorgeous stylish looking stone which comes in an array of colours.


The stone we have used is in the Blue class although it has an almost hypnotic magical Teal Green hue. Blue Tiger Eye has been used as a powerful protective stone which uses its calming properties to help with mood swings.


Reducing stress it helps the wearer see things with clarity. -----

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