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Norse Forge Jewellery

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Norse Forge Jewellery

B18 Birmingham,  0,  United Kingdom

100% UK Made




Bespoke Items



Adam Marshall is a designer/maker who has just 

launched his first hand crafted Viking jewellery line.

The inspiration for my jewellery is Nordic/Viking mythology and historical artefacts from that period. I designed and handcrafted every piece, as I wanted to capture the unique flair of that era. For my collection, I use clean lines and a minimalist contemporary style to approach 21st century fashion.

I wanted to make sure that every person who buys one of my products not only gets a quality piece of jewellery but also something with its own story and character. By putting my heart and soul to a project, I believe each piece is special in its own way. My collection is a gradual progression because I do not want to force the creative flow. My aim is to produce items I am excited about and proud of.

I design and sculpt all my pieces by hand from my Birmingham Jewellery Quarter workshop using traditional 'old style' manufacturing methods.


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