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Viking Torc Bangle/Necklet

Viking Torc Bangle/Necklet

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Heads available: Wolf, Boar, Bear and Serpent - Available as a bracelet or necklet

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Sale Price: £350.00


Artisan sterling sliver Torc bangle or necklet with hand crafted woven wire for spring flexibility to be worn easily. Spinning rings and the wolf heads are hand sculpted from wax and then cast with clean lines and sharp edgy styling in keeping with ancient methods.


Spinning rings around the collar feature the Norse Forge logo and the hand sculpted heads achieve an impressive detailed finish.


Wolf: Fenrir is a monstrous wolf son of Loki, and is foretold to kill the god Odin during the events of Ragnarök


Bear: The primary meaning of the bear spirit animal is strength and confidence, an unfathomable power surging beneath the surface of the bear ... It is said that the Vikings would wear bear skins in times of war to scare off their enemies.

The bear was one of the animals representing Odin, and by wearing such a pelt the warriors sought to gain the explosive courage and strength of a bear and the favour of Odin.

It is a recurring warrior theme.


Serpent: Jörmungand also known as the Midgard Serpent middle child of the giantess Angrboða


Boar: A gift to Freyr, Eitri threw a pigskin into a furnace as Brokkr worked on the bellows, and together they manufactured the boar Gullinbursti.


Please choose from the options available.


Necklet sizes shown are to fit 16", 18" or 20"



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