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Ashes jewellery, which is also known as cremation jewellery, remembrance jewellery, keepsake jewellery or memorial jewellery is used as an ideal way to remember a loved one and is often available personalised with additional engraving options.

By inserting a small amount of ashes into jewellery you can discretely carry your loved one with you forever.

The jewellery is available in the form of lockets, pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks and is becoming more popular now as a way to hold a small portion of the cremated remains or hair of a deceased relative, friend or pet.


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Algordanza Pure and Hair

Algordanza Pure and Hair

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The ALGORDANZA Pure Memorial Diamond is created solely out of the Carbon isolated from the cremated remains of the beloved deceased. At least 500g of cremated remains are needed to create one or more cremation diamonds. 

Algordanza Hair
The ALGORDANZA Hair Memorial Diamond is made out of the Carbon isolated from the hair of a person. At least 5g of hair is needed. Algordanza hair diamond is a unique option for engagement rings or memorial rings.


Algordanza Origin

In cases where not enough cremated remains or hair are available, a second Carbon source can be added, for example personal letters, diaries or pictures, which are in direct


Each diamond is inscribed with its unique reference number, additionally, a personal inscription (25 – 50 characters) may be engraved. The inscription is only legible with a microscope.



Choose your preferred size and your favorite cut for your individual Memorial Diamond We entrust your personal Memorial Diamond only to sophisticated experts to cut it by hand.


The size and cut can vary depending on the shape and size of the rough diamond.


The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond shines in exceptional bluish shades and is the manifestation of its uniqueness.


We do not affect the colour of your personal ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond.

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