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18k Yellow Gold Mini Torus Stud Earrings

Sale Price: £425.00
Sold By: Essemgé

Delightful & fabulous! - Experience the mesmerizing quality of solid gold with these ultra flattering and youthful stud earrings. - They will take you from AM to PM in style and timeless sophistication. You are sure to set a new standard on Zoom for your future video conference meetings! - A piece of jewellery worth investing in for years to come. - Part of the Torus range . - 2mm thick x 7mm wide .

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18k Yellow Gold Mini Torus Stud Earrings



These gorgeous 18k Yellow Gold Mini Torus Stud Earrings are part of the 'Torus' range within the Infinity collection .

The idea behind that particular range is to offer you a number of options to fit your lifestyle with a limited selection of pieces so you get more wear out of your treasured jewellery.

Inspired by a walk along the Thames river, in particular by the lifebuoy rings that you can find along the path.

Here I have taken the nautical design to another level, using solid 18k yellow gold for an opulent and luxurious feel reminiscent of the glamour of the Art Deco era and its iconic ocean liners.

Who for

Simple and discreet, they are the perfect versatile piece of jewellery that you can wear with pretty much anything. Every woman should have at least one pair !

Do not be deceived by their demure look these studs have presence and character !

Incredibly flattering and youthful, they are bound to become one of your all time favourite accessorise. Their curves play beautifully with the light to give a subtle glow to your carnation.

If there is a piece of jewellery you want to invest in, here it is!

How to wear them

From office wear to more casual chic , they make you look polished and elegant.

Truly fabulous, they are at their best with pixie haircuts or updo hairstyles.

They are he perfect size to make a quiet statement during daytime and feel more dressed up for a special evening / event, and they will certainly show on Zoom for your next video conference meetings!

Materials & their benefits

Handmade to order. In solid 18k yellow gold.

Did you know that gold has been called ‘the master healer’. It symbolises the purity of spirit, and helps with cell regeneration, energy conductivity, communication transmission and energy purification.


2mm thick x 7mm wide




As with any piece of jewellery, when you don’t wear it, keep it in a padded box or a soft fabric pouch, ideally separate from your other jewellery to avoid scratches.

Safe to clean at home yourself – simply wash it with lukewarm water and mild soap. Leave to soak a couple of minutes. Do not scrub or rub. The dirt will fall off at the bottom of the container. Rinse under clear warm water. Pat dry with a soft clean cloth and leave to dry completely before wearing again.


Do not scrub or rub as this will affect the surface of the metal

Avoid putting makeup and other beauty products after putting your earrings on , as residues will build up in the little recesses, making the earrings more difficult to clean. Best putting your jewellery on last.

Designed and handmade to order by Essemgé in the UK.

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