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Forever Close Memorials

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Forever Close Memorials encases ashes into cremation glass Jewellery to create unique Charm Beads, Pendants Rings and memorial keepsakes.


Keeping Loved Ones Close


Ashes Glass Charm Beads, Ashes in Jewellery Glass, Ashes to Jewellery Glass


Forever Close Memorials is a family-run company started by artist and designer, Sarah Crawford. Their hand-crafted glass and silver pieces provide a unique form of comfort following the loss of a loved one and are a beautiful and personal memorial of someone special.

Being a small company, Forever Close Memorials is able to offer a highly personalised service and is committed to meeting each individual customer needs. Sarah takes the time to ensure that customers get the very best service and attention from order to delivery.  

Not surprisingly, a high percentage of business continues to be from referrals and word of mouth. However, as the company grows, Sarah is committed to keeping the customer and providing the best service the focus of her business.


Ashes Glass Charm Beads, Ashes in Jewellery Glass, Ashes to Jewellery Glass


The Start of Something Special


Sarah Crawford has been creating and selling her hand-crafted glassware and jewellery since 1992. In 2008 she had made some commission pieces containing ashes for a few customers however, it wasn't until her mother died that she started making the cremation glass memorial jewellery that she specialises in making today... 

After her mother's death she wanted to create something for her and her siblings that would symbolise their mother and some type of jewellery was perfect. Sarah's mother was cremated so to give the jewellery additional significance, Sarah combined a small amount of her mother's ashes into cremation glass which she then crafted into six individual pendant pieces for her and her siblings. 

What first came as a surprise was the beauty of the ashes combined with the glass but what then followed was the realisation that she had made pieces that did much more than symbolise her mother's life.


Ashes Glass Charm Beads, Ashes in Jewellery Glass, Ashes to Jewellery Glass


A Special Way to Remember a Loved One


Being able to have something that could be with her at all times to represent and remember her mother in such a special way was incredibly comforting. Sarah found that holding her memorial enabled her to feel close to her mother and remember fond moments with her - having a connection to her mother was especially meaningful on special occasions such as when she became a grandmother. 

Not long after this, Sarah launched Forever Close Memorials and started creating memorial jewellery containing cremation ashes for others who have lost loved ones.

Privacy policy

The words In this privacy policy "we" and "our" relates to Forever Close Memorials, a company registered in England and Wales. The words "You" and "your" relates to the person reading this document that has or is considering purchasing, has in the past purchased from Forever Close Memorials or is making an enquiry.

How we use your data

We use the personal information that you supplied to us in the course of submitting your order for the purposes of fulfilling that order.

Along with or instead of placing an order you may have sent an enquiry to us in which we use the information that you provided to respond to the enquiry.

We may contact you by email, phone or other means in relation to your order, for example, notifying you of the delivery status of your order, updating and informing you of changes of the order timescales, you cannot opt out of these communications. We will never combine these type of communications with marketing promotions that you do have a legal right to opt out of.

We may use your data for marketing purposes but will always provide you with a means to opt out.

We may occasionally use the data you supplied in our own legitimate interest to send product details and services that we believe may be of interest to you. 

We will never use that data in a way that conflicts with your legal rights and interests. If we share such information with a third party such as a payment gateway or delivery company their use of your data will be limited for the purpose of fulfilling your order only.

What data we hold

We hold the personal data that you supplied in the course of placing your order or enquiry. The data may consist of product information, transactional information, fraud checking information, name, address, phone number, email, delivery instructions and potentially other information to ensure the successful completion of your order.

How we hold your personal data

We will retain your data and the personal information you supplied in the course of submitting your order or enquiry for the purpose of filling that order, responding to, or processing that enquiry.

If you place an order we will retain an electronic copy of your invoice data for the period required by HMRC after which we will delete it.

Your data will be securely stored on our hardware with limited access to only relevant persons and on the server maintained by a third party such as our web host.

Whether held by us on our hardware or on behalf by a third party it will be kept secure and protected from unauthorised access by using all responsible means.

Your rights

If you have engaged with us but have never placed an order you may request a complete deletion of your details from our systems, whether or not you have placed an order with us you may request us to never contact you again and we will comply with your request unless you make a further enquiry with us.

You have a number of rights in addition to those mentioned above, including gaining access to the information.

If we process your data for making purposes on the basis of your legitimate interest you have the right to object, you also have the right to withdraw your consent being marketed to if you previously gave your consent.

You have the right to see the data held, you have the right to have any errors corrected.

You have a right to ask and be informed where your data came from. You can exercise your rights by contacting us by email.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact us page.

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