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Black Rhodium Silver Roman Numeral Ring

Black Rhodium Silver Roman Numeral Ring

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Band width 8mm, with a wall thickness of approx 2.4mm

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Sale Price: £260.00


A masculine laser engraved, black rhodium roman numeral ring.

This contemporary 8mm court shaped ring is made from sterling silver and can be laser engraved with a date of your choice. The ring is then sandblasted to give a slightly rough texture, and black rhodium plated to give the final finish a dark, gun-metal grey look.

The ring is engraved with a date personal to the wearer, and translated into roman numerals. For example '12.04.2014' would read 'XII.IV.MMXIV'.

The ring can have a maxiumum of 20 characters engraved around the circumference of the ring and the font used is Bitstream Vera.

The 8mm ring will feature approx 4mm letter height.

Please be aware, this ring cannot be re-sized due to the engraving and finishing processes.


Made From:

Black rhodium plated sterling silver

Over time, black rhodium plating can gradually wear away, especially on items such as rings. Any of the black rhodium plated items purchased through my Fou Jewellery store can be re-plated without charge, however postal charges will be payable by the customer.

Special care: The black rhodium plating on this ring can be affected by many elements. It is advisable to remove this ring when being exposed to any type of substance or chemical, such as: perfume, hairspray, water, lotions, cleaning products, etc.

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