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Fine Silver Enamelled Bar Drop Earrings

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Fine Silver Enamelled Bar Drop Earrings.

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Fine Silver Enamelled Bar Drop Earrings.


Fine Silver ear drops with 3 engraved panels filled with different shades of blue transparent enamel. Wire ear fittings. An unusual pair of earrings with the transparent enamel allowing the light to be reflected by the textured engraving.


Ear studs cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.



Please allow 5 working days + delivery.



Terms and Conditions.

All my pieces of jewellery are handmade by me. For this reason please be patient and allow up to 2 weeks for delivery to the UK and up to 4 weeks for delivery overseas. Nothing in the process is rushed to give the customer the best experience. If there are any delays that are beyond my control I will keep you fully informed at all times.

Due to the fact that each piece is handmade means that each piece will be slightly different, that is one of the joys of handmade - no one else will be wearing exactly the same as you!!

Please note that the address linked to your Paypal account will be used as the default delivery address.

All items made, if over the legal weights, - Silver 7.87 grams or Gold over 1 gram - must by law be Hallmarked. These are below the legal weight.


Returns Policy.

For reasons of hygiene earrings for pierced ears cannot be returned.


Jewellery Care.

All sterling silver jewellery will naturally oxidise or tarnish over time. Certain chemicals will cause this to happen so I would advise you to avoid your jewellery coming into contact with bleach, cleaning products, chlorine (swimming pools), perfume, hairspray etc. I would suggest that you give your jewellery a regular hand polish with a silver cloth and dip your jewellery every now and then into a jewellery cleaning dip.

Fine Silver Enamelled Bar Drop Earrings.

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