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I am Katie Stone and I am a jewellery designer and maker from Birmingham. I have always been a crafty person. Throughout my school years, Art and Design were my most loved lessons. This love then led me to do an Art and Design BTEC at Solihull College. Whilst at college I discovered the Jewellery Museum in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. This inspired me to join an evening class at the School of Jewellery to learn basic jewellery skills. I quickly knew that this was to be my future career. Every time I went, I was inspired to learn more and create new things. I then decided to join the School of Jewellery full time and went through a HND course and then a Degree course. I passed my Degree with a First Class Honours. I have now been making jewellery since 2005 and have had my own business since 2013.

Whilst on my course I met my husband Adrian. He worked in a tool shop opposite the university. Every opportunity I had, I was over there buying saw blades just to chat with him. Five years later we were married. Adrian is very supportive of my jewellery making and often accompanies me to many of my jewellery shows and fairs throughout the year. I have always been an animal lover. I grew up with family dogs, pet hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs, playing with teddy bears and sylvanian families (no Barbies for me!) These days I couldn’t be happier, I feel very lucky to be able to fill my days with all my favourite things, jewellery making, our little puppy Daisy, our cat Noodle and of course, my husband Adrian (we share a workshop). If we’re not at the bench, we strive to spend as much time as we can outdoors, either at the beach at our favourite holiday destination, Tenby in Wales, in our garden or going camping in the summer and discovering new landscapes. The beauty in nature always inspires me, from animals to forms in plants and flowers. This love is reflected in my jewellery.   My Bee logo came about when designing for a project at University. I had designed a brooch with honeycombed silver and yellow cold enamel with little bees that magnetized to magnets hidden in the enamel. I was inspired for this project by my great grandfather as he always kept bees in his garden. I found it fascinating and just loved how clumsy the little bees looked when flying away from the hive.

So from this, the bee logo came about. It unites both where my jewellery began (at university) and also my family history. I have my logo on every piece of my jewellery to show it is a Katie Stone original.
 My jewellery range can now be seen in many jewellers and galleries across the UK.

Postage and packaging in the UK is FREE by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Please contact us for any Overseas queries. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. You may contact us with any special dates as we always do our best to work to your deadlines (we have even sent jewellery out on 23rd December for one young man - but please, this is not reccommended!!!) Commission pieces are non-returnable/refundable and always require 50% deposit.

Please be aware that each piece of Katie Stone Jewellery is handmade by Katie herself and so may vary slightly from the images shown. We feel that this gives great charm to Katies Jewellery, making each piece special and unique to the customer. If for any reason you are unhappy with your jewellery you must contact us expressing your thoughts within 48 hours of delivery.


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